5 Reasons to Order Custom Packaging for Robotics

Manufacturers ship their robotic products around the world for sales demos, installations, and various events. Robotics equipment is expensive, fragile and oftentimes oddly shaped, heavy, and cumbersome. You shouldn’t have to worry about it getting damaged in transit, yet packages experience perilous journeys on common carriers, corporate trucks, and airline freight carriers. In November 2020, airlines mishandled over 50,000 bags. Your robotics equipment could have been in one of them, but with custom cases for shipping robotics, they never will be. Here are five reasons to order custom shipping boxes for robots and parts.

1. Unparalleled Protection

The primary reason to order custom shipping cases for robotics is, of course, protection. Custom cases—especially from Wilson Case—are engineered to protect your equipment from every possible source of danger, including:

  • Rough handling
  • Theft
  • Light, dust, and temperature
  • Forklifts

Wilson Case designs shock-proof, element-resistant shipping cases that can be equipped with options to make mobility, security, loading, and unloading easy. If you desire, you can request an installation of RamGuard to protect your packages from forklift damage. When packaging and shipping robotic equipment, damage protection is one area you cannot afford to ignore.

2. Limitless Customizability

The experts at Wilson Case don’t believe one size fits all. We make cases look and function the way you want them to. Personalize them with easy loading ramps, electronic lifts, trap doors for multiple access points, branding and security markings, turf tires for mobility on any surface, and any other option necessary to deliver a shipping case solution that meets your individual needs.  The ultimate goal is always protection.

3. Accessibility and Display Capabilities

Being able to customize your cases means you can also turn them into displays for trade shows. We can design cases that make specific contents highly accessible or even identifiable from the outside. As a bonus, Wilson Cases double as extra storage. When your robotics are not in use, our cases provide a safe, controlled environment where dust, dirt, and moisture will not affect them.

4. Painless Portability

Custom packaging caters to robotics equipment of every shape, size, and weight. If you request it, we can build it. Is your equipment heavy to move? We can design a case with wheels. Do you want to carry your robots by hand? We’ll put a handle on your case. Does the item need to roll out of the case? We can build a ramp into it. Awkward shapes, numerous components, and heavy items are easily accommodated with a custom case.

5. Dependability

When choosing cases for your expensive equipment, you must find a dependable company. The experts at Wilson Case have been designing custom cases for over four decades for clients such as MedTech Surgical, Concept Systems, and MagneMotion. We understand you, listen to your needs, and deliver exceptional results.

Safely Ship Your Robot Parts With Wilson Case

For all the value we get out of it, robotics equipment can be a lot of trouble to ship. Wilson’ Case’s first priority is shipping your robot parts safely. When you’re ready, request a quote or call 800-322-5493 to order custom packing for robotics from Wilson Case.