5 Tips for Easy Tradeshows/Presentations

Ever cross your fingers and hope for the best when you hand over your tradeshow booth or presentation to a freight carrier? Our 40+ years in this industry have given us wisdom. We’ve learned that the tradeshow venue is the most dangerous part of your tradeshow booth’s journey. The threat from bumpy roads and rough carriers is real, however the greater threat looms from the time your tradeshow booth arrives at the event warehouse to the time it is delivered to your booth. The pressures on union labor to meet deadlines, the chaos in the back hallways of convention centers and rushing forklifts coming from every direction will make anyone nervous.

We also know that protecting your booth is just one component required. Easy mobility, security, durability, loading and unloading fast are on the minds of every marketer. A shipping case will help with all of this and help you set up fast and load up even faster!

Our experienced shipping case pros offer 5 top tips to put your tradeshow worries to rest:

  1. Get a custom, reusable, ATA-300 shipping case from the pros at Wilson Case. They will smartly engineer the case for protection, durability and purpose.
  2. Get the RamGuard – A steal barrier around the lower perimeter of the case so that no forklift can get thru that and damage your equipment.
  3. Let us design a case interior that has a designated spot for all your critical booth pieces. This will not only protect the items, it will help you identify if something is missing before you close the shipping case and send it on its way.
  4. Shipping cases with loading ramps make loading and unloading heavy, large, awkward item – effortless. These are worth every cent!
  5. If your product is heavy, why not choose a shipping case with an electric lift. This gives you the option to operate or present your product right from the case. It doesn’t have to leave the shipping case! At the very least it will save your back when you try to remove the item from the case!

Here are a few of our tradeshow shipping case solutions: