5 Unique Aerospace Cases

84-6275 Shipping case for aerospace tool

If you need a secure case to protect and transport your delicate aerospace components, Wilson Case is your ideal partner. We specialize in offering shipping cases for delicate items, large and small, to any industry, and we can manufacture custom cases for every application. Our unique capabilities make us a natural fit for the aerospace industry.

We’ve designed and built custom cases for shipping many items unique to aerospace. Here are five highlights:


Drones and UAVs are made of complex mechanisms and assembled in unusual shapes. They typically need to come out of the box ready for immediate use with no assembly, so their shipping cases must be resistant to shock, vibration, and moisture. This requires a large, durable case with a cushioned, perfectly formed interior.

Oxygen Tanks

Most of us don’t think much about oxygen when we fly, but pilots and aerospace engineers know how essential it is to have oxygen reserves in emergency situations. Oxygen tanks and the tools, equipment, and connectors that go with them must be secure in transit.

Aircraft Fuel Systems

Aircraft fuel systems are incredibly precise marvels of engineering. Aircraft fuel is often corrosive and flammable, so we make cases for shipping them out of special materials that are resistant to any residual fuel that could contaminate them.

Space Suits

The suits astronauts wear in space are no less important to the mission than the shuttles that get them there. Even the smallest amount of damage to a space suit can have dire consequences, so we carefully design shipping cases that can accommodate their unique shapes and materials without any risk of tearing.

Space Telescope Mirrors

Space telescope mirrors are among the most precise, delicate, and unwieldy objects man has ever created. With their price tag running up to millions of dollars, accidental damage is not an option.

Why Choose Wilson Case?

Aerospace equipment is costly, both financially and in terms of labor. It requires extreme engineering, extreme manufacturing techniques, and extreme protection in transit. In many cases, even the most minor damage can render a part unusable and beyond repair.

Wilson Case has the expertise and technology to build the best shipping cases in the industry, no matter what you need to ship. We use the 3-D CAD modeling program SolidWorks to manufacture our custom cases with precision within a thousandth of an inch. If you find a problem with our work, call us and we’ll make it right.

Don’t take chances with your mission-critical aerospace equipment. With Wilson Case, you can be sure that your cargo will arrive safely, no matter where you need to send it. Contact us today to get a free quote.