Buying Custom Gun Case Foam Inserts

A gun is an investment and a sensitive piece of equipment that needs protection from impact and fall damage during transport. To effectively protect your gun, you need both a gun case and the proper gun case foam to secure it tightly. Having the right foam on the inside is just as important as the gun case’s exterior—that’s why you want custom-cut foam inserts for your gun case. Wilson Case has the custom gun case foam solutions for all your needs.

Wilson Case has worked in the shipping case industry for decades, and we know the best ways to protect valuable assets like your gun. We create custom foam inserts for your gun case using innovative cutting and shaping techniques to create pieces of foam that fit snugly around your gun. No need to look anywhere else—Wilson Case is where to buy foam for gun cases.

Gun Case and Foam Experts

Wilson Case has worked with manufacturers and the U.S. military to provide custom cases for shipping and storing their weaponry. We’ll apply this same experience to designing gun cases and custom foam inserts for the average gun owner.

Gun case foam can protect your gun from environmental elements that might corrode it. It also secures your gun tightly by preventing it from moving around inside the case in transit. Custom gun case foam can work for any gun model you have, since it can be custom fitted to the specific model itself.

Whether you are buying new custom foam for a custom gun case, replacing worn gun case foam in a stock case you bought elsewhere, or switching out foam to fit a different gun model, you want to make sure the foam insert is fitted for your gun case exactly. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure your custom gun case foam is made according to your specific needs.

What Kind of Foam Is Used in Gun Cases?

Wilson Case offers several different types of foam for our custom case inserts, but one option in particular is easily the best for gun cases: polyethylene. This firm, rigid foam material is well-suited for protecting heavy items like a gun. We’ll default to polyethylene for your gun case’s custom-cut foam inserts in nearly every situation.

Order Gun Case Foam From Wilson Case Now

Whether you are buying new custom foam or replacement foam for your gun case, Wilson Case has you covered. To place your custom gun case foam order today, fill out our Custom Foam Insert Quote Request form. Include any photos or dimensions for your gun model. We will quickly respond with a quote for your custom gun case foam. Look to Wilson Case for all your custom gun storage solutions too!