What To Look For In Cases For Your Roland Gear

Road case for Roland M-300 console

For some of the best A/V equipment on the market, look no further than Roland Systems Group. This brand produces the highest-quality instruments and musical equipment in the industry, and each item deserves a shipping or traveling case that matches their standards.

For more than 45 years, Wilson Case has been a leader in live event shipping cases, providing musicians and artists across the country with solutions to fit their needs. Our stock section displays our most popular ready-made products, from our Roland gear road cases to flight cases. However, if your needs are more precise or unique than what our stock Roland gear equipment cases can accommodate, we can design a custom case that’s better suited to your needs.

Custom Roland gear A/V equipment cases from Wilson Case will allow you to transport your important A/V equipment with ease and peace of mind. The Roland team is always searching for custom solutions to keep your gear safe, which is why they trust our experience, innovative skills, and technological prowess to create cases for their most prized products.

Why Order Your Next Custom Roland Gear Case from Wilson Case?

We specialize in custom orders-an estimated 85% of our business comes from custom shipping containers and cases, and we have plenty of experience designing cases to transport equipment for live events. Whether it’s a lighting array system for a live broadcast or mixing consoles and audio equipment for your next show, our custom cases for Roland gear will safely and securely hold your fragile items until you need to use them again. Additionally, all of our Roland gear flight cases are ATA-300 compliant. Our high standards and acute sense of detail are built into every custom case, just the same as what we offer our clients in the medical, aerospace, or military industrial fields.

We’re devoted to designing a Roland gear flight or road case that addresses all of your wants and needs while staying under your budget and meeting hard deadlines. We thrive on challenges, and our innovative cases have built a reputation for safely carrying all types of bulky, fragile, and/or expensive equipment. For those who require a mobile workstation, we’ve made custom travel cases that have built-in work areas. For those who need custom Roland gear A/V equipment cases to traverse the rough terrain at a music festival, our custom Turf Tires and heavy-duty casters will easily get the job done. For that bulky, heavy equipment that is difficult to pull out of its case, we’ve even manufactured mobile lifts to raise the contents out. All of our cases are designed to be simple to safely load, ship, unload, and repeat.

How We Make Your Custom Case

The first step in designing a custom Roland gear case is speaking with our customers about what type of case they’re looking for and any particular challenges they may face, such as heavy equipment or frequent travel. We also help identify issues that a customer may not have considered, such as fitting through doors or meeting airline requirements for checked bags.

After this process, we take the dimensions for your equipment to create a blueprint that we can use to design your custom case. Unlike many other manufacturers, we’re able to configure and build a case without needing access to your equipment or even having to see what will go inside.

Our engineers use the SolidWorks 3D CAD program once the dimensions are provided to outline the case, after which a detailed 3D presentation is shown to the customer so they can see exactly how their custom Roland gear case will appear. When the design is approved, we take the same files presented to the customer and convert them to CNC computer control language. This allows us to cut the case materials on our machines with precision down to a thousandth of an inch. We know that many of our customers use their cases for frequent travel and get heavy use out of them, which is why we use only the highest-quality materials when building our cases.

Once your case has been constructed and outfitted to your design, we ship it to you ready to use. Standard shipping takes about 10 to 15 business days, but we can expedite that time to five days or less with our Quick Ship option, if necessary.

Be Ready for Your Next Event: Order Your Custom Roland Gear Case Today

To keep your valuable Roland gear safe, order a durable, long-lasting case from Wilson Case today. Call us at 800-322-5493 or fill out our online form to start your custom order and get a free quote.