Lab Equipment Shipping Cases

If you’ve ever had to ship lab equipment, you’re no doubt familiar with some of the unique challenges that come with transporting this type of cargo. Rough handling in transit can damage sensitive equipment and potentially throw off calibration or test results. Large equipment may be disassembled in some cases, but may need to be shipped whole in other cases. Equipment may be heavy, awkwardly-shaped, fragile, or all of the above.

If you need to transport lab equipment to another facility, make sure it’s fully protected. Order a custom lab case from Wilson Case. For over 30 years, we have designed innovative custom shipping cases to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, including healthcare, tech, education, and forensics. Whether you need to get a bulk order of compressed gas cylinders to a research facility or you need a mobile lab station for crime scene investigation, we have the technology and the skilled team to design the ideal case. All of our cases are designed to be easy to safely load, ship, unload and repeat. Browse our great selection of previously designed custom cases below or contact us to have a case designed for your specific needs.

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Why Order a Custom Lab Case from Us?

When you order a custom lab case from us, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your valuable equipment will be protected in transit. Over 85% of our business comes from custom case manufacturing, and we have an excellent track record for both innovative design solutions and customer service. We work closely with all our customers to determine their biggest shipping pain points and to resolve those issues with our cases.

Some solutions we may suggest for sensitive lab equipment include a shock mount configuration, interior foam tailored to fragile components, and a ram guard to prevent forklift damage if the equipment will pass through a warehouse. We can also design cases with ramps, trap doors, or even mechanical lifts to make it easier to load and unload heavy equipment. If you can envision a case, we can build it.

How We Make Custom Lab Cases

When you call us to request a custom lab case, we’ll spend some time talking to you about the equipment you need to move and the particular transportation challenges you face (for example, if you’re shipping fragile glass lenses, we might talk to you about creating a case with slotted foam). We’ll also ask you to send us a file similar to a blueprint of your equipment, if possible, so that we can accurately design your case.

Our engineers will use this file when designing a case in SolidWorks, our 3D CAD modeling program. We will then send you detailed designs and a quote. Once you approve the design and quote, we’ll begin manufacturing your case.

We cut all our materials in-house, with machines that can handle both straight edges and curves with accuracy to the thousandth of an inch. Our skilled team then hand-builds the case using proven construction methods. We believe in the quality of our materials, technology, and team, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our custom lab cases. If you discover any material or workmanship defects when your case arrives, we’ll cover the full cost to make it right.

Protect Your Lab Equipment: Order Your Case Today

Your lab equipment is incredibly valuable in terms of both its cost and the role it plays in groundbreaking research. Don’t risk damaging your equipment in transit: order a custom lab case from us. Call us at 800-322-5493 to tell us about your case needs or fill out our online form to receive a quote and find out what we can do for you.