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Our virtual FEA analysis lets you see how your product and our shipping case will act and react during transit, before will build. Virtual FEA Analysis from Wilson Case

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When you need to transport heavy and valuable equipment, getting your gear from one place to another isn’t the only challenge—you also need to be able to safely load and unload the equipment. To make this process a lot easier, order a custom case with a built in electric lift. Wilson Case can manufacture a container with a built-in electric lift, allowing you to raise and operate heavy equipment without fully removing it from its case so your equipment is always easy to safely load, ship, unload and repeat.

Our power lift cases can be used for a wide range of products, including medical devices, computers, and large video displays. Tell us about your particular challenges, and we’ll design a case that addresses your pain points. With our custom electric lift cases, you’ll never have to stress out about damaging heavy equipment or injuring yourself when attempting to remove it from its container. Browse our great selection of cases below:

Why Order a Custom Case?

At Wilson Case, our focus is on designing innovative custom shipping containers to resolve the logistical challenges faced by our customers. We work closely with our customers to design cases exactly to their specifications, and we build those cases in-house using high-quality materials. We even offer our signature Wilson LT: a special polypropylene material that is sturdy but lightweight. We can also add extra security features, such as a recessed combination lock, keyed lock, or recessed padlock hasp to ensure that your valuable equipment stays safe in transit.

When you choose to have us make a custom mechanical lift case, you can rest easy knowing that the container is being designed based on the dimensions and weight of your equipment. You won’t have to worry about the lift malfunctioning, breaking, or damaging your gear.

We’re confident in the quality of our products, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our cases. If your power lift case arrives with any defects due to materials or craftsmanship, we’ll pay the full cost to have it shipped back, repaired, and returned to you.

How We Make Your Custom Case

Before we design your custom lift case, we will talk with you to learn more about the equipment you need to containerize and the challenges you face. We will then ask you to send us a document similar to a blueprint for your equipment, which we will use as the basis for designing your case. We will use SolidWorks, our 3D modeling program, to create a detailed design, which we will send to you for approval. Once you have approved the case, we’ll start our manufacturing process.

All our custom cases are built in our shop by skilled workers, many of whom have been with our company for more than a decade. We convert each case design into CNC computer control language, which allows us to cut the necessary materials on our machines, with precision down to thousandths of an inch. We finish our cases with riveting machines, heat-treated angles, and quality plated steel hardware. We know how valuable your equipment is, and we don’t compromise on the quality of the case that will be protecting it.

Get a Quote on Your Custom Lift Case

You can’t always control how your equipment is handled in transit or how it is unloaded at its final destination, but you can protect it along the way. Invest in custom mechanical lift cases from Wilson Case to prevent costly damage. Contact us now to learn more and get your quote today.