Pro Series Athletic Cases

As someone who works in the athletic industry, you understand better than anyone the challenges of transporting athletic equipment across the country, week after week. Whether you’re an athletic trainer who needs to move first aid supplies or an equipment manager who needs to transport bulky shoulder pads and helmets, choose Pro Series athletic cases from Wilson Case. All of our cases have been designed to be simple to safely load, ship, unload and repeat.

Our pro athletic cases are designed to be the best in class and include some of our most popular features. When you regularly transport sports equipment to away games or matches, make sure you’re armed with durable but lightweight cases that can get your gear there and back, time and time again.

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Why Choose Pro Athletic Cases from Us?

Our Pro Series cases are some of our most popular products thanks to their many features that are designed to make athletic gear transportation safer and easier. Available features include our Turf Tires, which can roll on any surface without going flat, and a wide range of storage options, including gliding drawers, tilt bins, and fixed or adjustable shelves. We even have pro sports equipment cases that double as exam tables for athletes of all sizes.

Not only do our cases help you stay organized and get your equipment onto the field or court, they’re also easy to load and unload from planes, buses, or vans. All our Pro Series cases are made from our special Wilson LT or LT X-treme paneling, which makes them up to 45% lighter than standard shipping cases. While lightweight, these cases are also extremely durable and have received ATA-300 approval, meaning they can withstand normal to rough handling for 100 trips. Our pro athletic cases are also backed by a limited lifetime warranty: if you receive a case that has any material or workmanship defects, we’ll cover the cost to ship it back to us, repair it, and return it to you.

Examples of Pro Series Athletic Cases

Our top-selling Pro Series Cases include:

  • TablePRO: a portable treatment table with plenty of storage space for essential medical supplies
  • WorkPRO: a case featuring a lid that turns into a table, plus Turf Tires, gliding drawers, and ample storage
  • MobileMed: a compact case designed to keep athletic trainers organized
  • UltiMate: a trainer’s trunk with a fold-down door, adjustable shelves, swing-out tape spindle, and more
  • SportMate: a case with a fold-down door, adjustable shelves, and TagAlong retractable handle for pulling the case through airports or stadiums
  • SideLinePRO: a case designed to transport larger athletic gear, with optional trays
  • HotelPRO: a case with gliding drawers, removable trays, tilt-bins, and more, designed to keep gear organized on the road

These aren’t our only Pro Series cases! Browse our catalog of Pro Series Athletic Cases now to find one that works for you, and call us if you have any questions. Unless otherwise stated, these cases are in stock and can ship in 1-2 business days.

Order Your Durable Pro Series Sports Case Today

Make sure all your sports equipment is protected the next time you go on the road: order pro athletic cases from Wilson Case. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, contact us. To learn more about our Pro Series cases you can also call us at (800) 322-5493 and have your questions answered by one of our customer service representatives. 85% of our business comes from custom case manufacturing, and we have the experience and resources to design a case that meets your requirements.