Custom Shipping Cases

Custom Shipping Cases

Wilson Case designs and manufactures a wide range of cases to meet the shipping needs of various industries, including healthcare, aerospace, athletics, tech, entertainment, and more. Custom shipping case design is our strength. If you’re unable to find exactly what you’re looking for in our catalog of stock shipping cases, our custom-made shipping cases can be built to your exact specifications.

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Custom HDTV/LCD/LED/Video Wall Shipping Cases

Transporting a TV or monitor doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Our custom protective cases will ensure that even your most fragile pieces of equipment arrive at their destination undamaged.

Custom Aerospace Shipping Cases

All of our custom aerospace shipping cases are durable, secure, and built to ATA-300 standards. Whether you need to ship drones, space suits, aircraft fuselages, or even a million-dollar space telescope mirror, we can help you get your cargo where it needs to go without a scratch.

Government/Military Shipping Cases

If you represent a government entity that needs to ship sensitive equipment, supplies, electronics, or audio-visual gear worldwide, Wilson Case, a small business GSA contractor, offers the mobility and security you need. Whatever your military shipping needs entail, we’re happy to support you in the form of well-crafted protective cases.

Live Event Production Road Cases

Taking your show on the road? Whether you need to transport your sound equipment across state lines or ship your streaming gear ahead of your arrival, we’re here to help. Our live event production road cases will keep all your equipment, from cameras to amps to microphones, in tip-top shape throughout your travels.

Athletic Custom Cases

Wherever a sports team goes, their equipment follows. From helmets and uniforms to water coolers and headsets, there’s a lot of stuff to lug around when you’re managing a team of athletes. Our custom shipping cases protect your athletic gear so that you can focus on the state of your players—not their stuff.

Custom Computer Shipping Cases

When you need to ship laptops, desktops, and other valuable electronics, you shouldn’t just pack them into cardboard boxes and hope for the best—they’re too expensive to risk damages in transit. Make sure your electronics arrive safely by ordering custom computer cases from Wilson Case.

Simulator Shipping Cases

Don’t put your expensive equipment at risk—let Wilson Case help you keep your simulator safe. Our stock cases can transport anything from flight simulators to automotive training simulators, but if you don’t see a solution for your simulation equipment shipping needs, we’re happy to build something customized for you.

Robot and Robotics Cases

When you’ve dedicated significant money and resources to developing a robot or robotic system, the last thing you want to worry about is having your machines damaged in transit. Make sure your robotics shipping case is up to the task of protecting fragile equipment by ordering a custom robotics case from Wilson Case.

Custom ATA Shipping Cases

ATA-300 Category I standards are vital for cases that are intended to ship various types of products and materials that may be sensitive to the conditions of travel. Wilson Case specializes in building custom ATA shipping cases for competitive prices. Every case we design is made to be simple to safely load, ship, and unload repeatedly.

Trade Show/Exhibit Shipping Cases

If your company often attends conferences or trade show events to promote your products or services, shipping cases are necessary to transport your equipment safely. Whether your exhibit uses TVs, banners, computers, heavy equipment for demos, tables, panels, or a combination of all the above, our custom exhibit shipping cases can accommodate your setup.

Mobile Training Shipping Cases

Wilson Cases designs custom mobile training cases that can protect your demonstration equipment during transit and become a functional workstation upon arrival. If you’re looking for a custom case for computers, digital displays, simulation equipment, or other valuable training equipment, we will work with you to design a container that meets all your requirements.

Lab Equipment Shipping Cases

If you’ve ever had to ship lab equipment, you’re no doubt familiar with some of the unique challenges that come with transporting this type of cargo. Whether you need to get a bulk order of compressed gas cylinders to a research facility or you need a mobile lab station for crime scene investigation, we have the technology and the skilled team to design the ideal lab equipment shipping case.

Shock Mount Shipping Cases

Transporting fragile and expensive electronic equipment can be stressful, especially when there are a lot of variables involved. There’s a lot that could go wrong if you don’t adequately protect your gear. Luckily, Wilson Case manufactures shock mount road and flight cases for customers in many different industries, including music, IT, aerospace, government, and more.

DuraLite Cases

When choosing a shipping container, you need to consider both the container’s weight and durability. In order to reduce shipping costs, your case should be lightweight, but you also need one that’s sturdy enough to protect your cargo from damage in transit. Wilson Case offers the best of both worlds with our custom-designed lightweight travel cases.

Printer/Plotter Shipping Cases

Whether you’re building a new office from the floor up or you need a mobile workstation in the field, it’s difficult to ship delicate electronics and have them arrive in good condition. When you need your printers delivered on time and on spec, order a custom printer shipping case from Wilson Case.

TruckPak Shipping Cases

Wilson Case’s custom TruckPak cases are designed to fit across standard truck beds in any configuration for easy loading and efficient use of space. They have a strong riveted construction with top-quality hardware options, and each TruckPak has a laminated interior for added strength, durability, and easy cleanup.

Custom Racks

If you need to move sensitive electronics and can’t afford to have them damaged, a custom rack mount may be the best solution. These hard cases are designed to absorb shock in order to protect their contents, even if a case is dropped or collides with another container in a truck or airplane cargo bay. Wilson Case manufactures custom rack mount cases to safely ship gear such as computers, digital displays for presentations, and delicate audio equipment.

Custom Carrying Cases

When you need to walk around with valuable equipment, order custom carrying cases from Wilson Case. Most of our business is dedicated to the development of custom cases, and we have the experience, materials, and technology necessary to design cases that can be carried easily while offering protection that can stand up to any situation.

DJ Road Cases

When you’re a DJ with valuable equipment to protect, you don’t want to worry about how to safely transport your rack from one performance to the next. Let us design a custom DJ carrying case to match the exact specifications of your setup.

Drum Shipping Cases

Transporting your valuable set of drums can be difficult when you don’t have a dedicated drum travel case to protect them. Before your next musical engagement requires you to try to fit your drums into the back of a rented van, order a custom drum road case from Wilson Case.

Guitar Road Cases

Musical instruments can be extremely delicate and vulnerable to the rigors of travel, but they need to arrive at their destination more or less ready to play. The last thing a musician should need to worry about is whether or not their guitar and associated equipment will arrive safely, so when you need to transport this kind of gear, order a custom guitar travel case from Wilson Case.

Catering Shipping Cases

As a caterer, your priority should be delivering excellent service and excellent food—not worrying about whether your equipment and ingredients will arrive at their destination in good condition. Having the right catering transport containers can make all the difference. Order custom catering cases from Wilson Case for a worry-free event.

Jewelry Industry Cases

If you’re in the jewelry industry, you know how important it is to display your best products at trade shows and other live events. Without proper storage, however, you risk your pieces becoming tangled, chipped, scratched, or otherwise damaged during travel. Fortunately, Wilson Case custom-manufactures jewelry carrying cases to meet the specific needs of our fashion industry customers.

Keyboard Shipping Cases

If you’re a keyboardist traveling to your next gig with your band, you certainly don’t want to worry about your instrument getting broken in transit. Wilson Case can design a custom keyboard case to the exact specifications of your keyboard so that it fits perfectly. It won’t shake or fall out because it will be perfectly fashioned for your instrument.

How Our Custom Design Process Works

The first step in our custom shipping case design process is to have a conversation with our customers to discuss what type of case they are looking for and any shipping challenges they are facing (such as heavy equipment or frequent travel). During this discussion, we will also look for any issues the customer may not have considered, like whether the case will fit through a standard door or meet airline requirements for checked bags.

We Work One-on-One With Customers to Create Custom Cases

Once we’ve concepted an initial design, the next step in the process is for the customer to send us the dimensions for all of the items they plan to store in the custom shipping case. Manufacturers often supply solid modeling files for precise detailing. Our solid modeling technology is another benefit that sets Wilson Case apart from other manufacturers—there is no need to send your equipment to our facility for a precise fit.

With the item’s dimensions in mind, our engineers use the SolidWorks 3D CAD program to model the case. We are then able to send a detailed 3D virtual prototype to our customer so that they can see exactly what their case will look like, right down to the placement of the handles and holes.

After the customer’s approval of our design, we take the same files we presented to the customer and convert them to CNC computer control language, which allows us to cut the case materials on our machines with precision down to the thousandths of an inch. Plus, we only use the highest-quality materials when making our shipping cases so they’ll withstand heavy-duty usage and frequent travel.

Customers Define Dimensions, Colors, Labeling, and Security Features

By involving the customer in our design process, we can create custom shipping cases that address their specific packaging pain points while remaining conscious of their budget and important deadlines. We don’t shy away from a challenge—we’ve manufactured unique, innovative cases to safely transport all kinds of fragile, heavy, and valuable equipment. We’ve made custom shipping cases for items as small as a microchip and as large as part of a space telescope, and all of our cases are designed to be simple to safely load, ship, unload and repeat.

In addition to the dimensions of their custom shipping case, we let our customers choose the laminate color, interior lining, labeling, security features, and mobility and stacking options. We also offer an extensive selection of add-on features, including pull-out keyboards, trap doors, ramps, and pressure relief valves. Custom branding is available too—add logos or branded colors to your case to promote your business wherever your cargo goes.

Order Your Custom Shipping Case Now

Whether you’re shipping medical devices, expensive audio equipment, or large machinery, we can design a protective case that makes transporting your gear simple. Contact Wilson Case today to get a quote and learn more about how we can design a custom case for your specific shipping needs.