Shipping Cases With Electric Lifts and Ramps

If your job involves shipping heavy, valuable equipment from one place to another, you need a way to protect your gear while also making loading and unloading a safe and smooth process. Instead of relying on bubble wrap and rented ramps, order a custom shipping case with a built-in electric ramp from Wilson Case.

Our company specializes in manufacturing containers with built-in electric ramps and lifts, allowing you to easily load up your gear, ship it, and unload it repeatedly. Some of our cases even allow you to raise and operate heavy equipment without fully removing it from its case, so you’ll always be ready when duty calls.

Custom Electric Lift Shipping Cases

Whether you work with kiosks, computers, or large video displays, our shipping cases can handle the load. All you have to do is tell us about your particular challenges and we’ll design a custom shipping case that addresses your pain points. Our custom electric lift cases mean you’ll never have to stress out about damaging heavy equipment or injuring yourself while loading or unloading. Get started by browsing our current selection of cases.

Custom Shipping Cases With Ramps

Need to ship a sensitive piece of equipment across the country? No problem. Our custom cases can be built with electric ramps to make loading heavy, bulky devices easier. They can also include lifts that raise the item out of the case for you, as well as other convenient features such as wheels, drawers, shelves, and a locking case design. We’ve got experience creating large, custom shipping cases for a wide variety of specialized equipment, from plotter printers to medical devices, so you can trust that your gear is in good hands.

Monitor Lift Shipping Cases

Transporting your AV setup to the next event or conference doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our monitor lift shipping cases have everything you need to ensure a safe, strain-free journey, including wheels, locks, and most importantly, electric ramps and lifts that make loading and unloading your equipment a breeze. In fact, some of our custom shipping cases are designed so you can present on the go without even removing your monitor from its container. A computer monitor or TV lift case is essential for anyone who attends trade shows frequently.

Heavy Equipment Shipping Cases 

If your job calls for time on the road transporting heavy equipment, the last thing you want is a back injury. There’s a simple solution: Invest in a custom Wilson Case. With one of our heavy equipment shipping cases, you’ll be free from the burden of muscling your gear in and out of its container. Designed with electric ramps and lifts to take on the load for you, these cases are secure, durable, convenient, and long-lasting. Start dreaming up the possibilities by browsing our directory of custom-built shipping cases.

Custom Printer Shipping Cases

Printers are sensitive and expensive pieces of equipment. In fact, the average plotter printer costs between $1500 and $3000. If your commercial printer is essential to your business’s operations, don’t risk damaging it during transport—protect it with a custom printer shipping case. Wilson Case has experience designing shipping cases for specialized printers, from a uPrint SE Plus 3D Printer to an HP Z5400 plotter. Contact us to talk about your printer shipping needs and we’ll provide a quote for a secure, convenient transport solution.

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Shipping Cases With Electric Lifts and Ramps Recap

Between damaging your equipment or incurring an injury, the risks of transporting heavy gear are high. If shipping valuable, bulky equipment is a regular part of your business, investing in a custom shipping case with an electric ramp or lift system is a no-brainer.

Aside from functional features such as lifts, casters, foam inserts, locks, and drawers, our cases also offer the opportunity to market your brand through graphic wraps and other custom design options. From sensitive medical equipment to entire AV setups, we’ve created custom cases for all kinds of apparatuses. Browse our website for an idea of what’s possible, and get in touch if you’d like to discuss creating your own shipping solution.

Why Order a Custom Shipping Case From Us?

We start our custom shipping case design process by communicating with those who will be using the case to understand exactly how it will be used. At this time, we’ll also take a blueprint of the equipment that needs to go in your custom case.

Throughout the entire process, we’ll help you understand all the considerations that go into planning your custom case, such as what types of doors it will need to fit through and shipping specifications. No stones are left unturned in order to help you decide what kinds of materials and features are best for your custom case. 

We use SolidWorks 3D CAD software to create a 3D model of your case so that you can see exactly what it looks like before it goes to production. Our custom shipping cases are created according to your exact specifications, with precision down to the thousandths of an inch. Even though our cases are unique and made carefully with high-quality craftsmanship, we’ll still make sure to meet any time constraints you have.

How Our Custom Design Process Works

We start by asking our customer what type of case they are looking for and what challenges (such as heavy equipment or frequent travel) they are facing. During this conversation, we also look for issues the customer may not have considered, such as whether the case will fit through a standard door or meet airline requirements for checked bags.

After deciding on a design, we have our customer send us a file with the dimensions of their equipment, much like a blueprint, that we can use to design their shipping case. While many manufacturers need access to the equipment itself in order to build a case, we can fabricate our custom hard cases without ever having to see what will go inside them.

Once we have the product dimensions, our engineers use the SolidWorks 3D CAD program to model the case. We are then able to send a detailed 3D presentation to our customer so that they can see exactly what their case will look like, down to the placement of the handles and holes.

When a design is approved, we take the same files we presented to the customer and convert them to CNC computer control language, which allows us to cut the case materials with precision down to the thousandths of an inch. We use only the highest quality materials in building our cases because we know that many of our customers travel frequently and need a container that can handle heavy use.

Order Your Custom Electric Lift and Ramp Shipping Cases Now

You’ll experience a whole new level of convenience with a custom shipping case that includes lifts or ramps. Get started by requesting a quote via this form, or get in touch with our team by calling our toll free telephone number: (800) 322-5493. You can also visit our Contact page for more information.