Rack and Shockmount Shipping Cases

When your equipment hits the road (or skies), a lot can go wrong. For instance, there could be a collision in the cargo bay, your gear could be subjected to haphazard loading, or bumpy roads and turbulence could damage your equipment. These precarious situations are more common than you think, which is why Wilson Case designs shipping solutions with hard-shell exteriors that absorb shock and vibrations.

Our custom shockmount and rack mount cases are built to protect your marketing equipment, from TVs and computer monitors to kiosks and banners, even if it’s dropped or collides with another container in a truck or airplane cargo bay.

Shockmount Rack Cases

Shockmount cases are specially designed to isolate vibration from delicate equipment, which is a necessary protective measure to take for electronic equipment, as well as other delicate audio and broadcast gear. Our shockmount rack cases have high-density foam padding, hard-shell exteriors, and floating shelves to keep your gear organized and stable during transportation.

Rack Mount Cases

Rack mount cases are commonly used to ship servers, computer components, or other hardware securely. Our rack-mounted transport cases are designed with shelving systems to support your gear and keep it from tumbling around while on the road. Some of our mobile rack cases even have additional features that make moving your equipment convenient, such as removable front and back lids, and table legs you can extend and use at a moment’s notice.

Custom Shipping Cases With Racks and Shockmounts

From dual shock and rack mount cases to cases with forklift skids and drawers, the options are endless when you choose to build a custom rack case with us. We’ll work with you to design a specialized shipping solution that houses your equipment and meets all of the challenges associated with transporting your gear. Browse some of our previous custom rack mount case designs to get a feel for our work, and use our Request a Quote form to get started.  

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Racks And Shockmount Cases Recap

Transporting sensitive equipment by air, ground, or sea comes with a unique set of challenges. Relieve your travel worries with a shockmount rack case, a protective, durable shipping container that’s designed to absorb shock and withstand extreme conditions. Built with high-density surrounding foam, a hard-shell exterior, casters, shelves, and locking doors, our transport rack cases stand up to the tests of transport.

Why Order a Custom Rack Case From Wilson Case?

Wilson case offers a variety of configurations and stacking options when it comes to designing your custom shockmount rack case. For example, you can choose to add wheels, ramps, or mechanical lifts to your case for easy packing, loading, and unloading.

We also have the option to add fold-out tables, cabinets, drawers, and other organizers for a smooth setup wherever the job calls you. On top of that, you can design a case that promotes your brand with a variety of colors and labeling options.

Throughout the entire design process, we’ll work with you to understand all the needs of your custom case, such as what types of doors it will need to fit through, specific shipping standards, and the kinds of materials and features that will be useful to you.

Order Your Custom Shockmount Rack Case Today

Ready to order your own custom shockmount rack case? Getting a quote is as easy as filling out our Request a Quote form. If you have any questions about our process, get in touch with our team by calling our toll-free telephone number, (800) 322-5493, or visit our Contact Us page for more information.