Custom Athletic Cases

Teams that play hard go far… literally! Storing gear for sports teams can be complicated enough, but taking everything you might potentially need on the field or on the ice out onto the road can be worse. As a leader in the custom shipping industry for 40 years, we understand the sort of needs you face and the durability you and your team need to get there and back. Wilson Case specializes in designing custom athletic cases and all of our cases are built to ATA-300 Category 1 standards with the knowledge, creativity, and innovation that will meet any packaging challenge — that means they’ll hold up for at least 100 common carrier trips (i.e., land, sea, air). Whether you need a sports medicine case that can literally take the weight of your players or an equipment case that can get anywhere you need it with ease, Wilson Case can provide custom athletic cases to meet all of your needs. For any traveling team we design all of our cases to be simple to safely load, ship, unload and repeat.

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Benefits of Custom Athletic Cases from Wilson Case

Choose custom athletic training cases and custom sports equipment cases from Wilson Case and choose dependable shipping cases guaranteed to stand up to whatever your team can throw at them. In addition to developing cases designed specifically to your needs, Wilson Case also offers variety in:

  • Casing configurations including those best suited to large equipment, small equipment, or sports medicine tools & supplies
  • Storage options large, small, or even delicate, such as tilt bins, fixed or adjustable shelves, drawers on gliders for easy access, interior doors & bins that can lock, straps, pouches, netting, spindles & dowels for sports tape, removable trays, slide out tape station on legs, & much more
  • Labeling options, including silk screening and stencils for team logos, metal and card label plates, & more
  • Mobility options, including removable turf tires, casters, & skidmates to accommodate any playing field or floor
  • Internal foam options in polyethylene, polyester, or anti-static materials for the lining, slotting, filling, or die-cut custom insert to help keep everything safe & in its place, right where you need it
  • Stacking options for when they need to be stored, like ball corners, recess cups, & rubber feet
  • color options for paneling & laminate to match your team colors

What’s more, all of our cases are made from Wilson LT or LT X-treme paneling, which are 45% lighter than most other cases, saving you money every time you need to ship or travel. Contact Wilson Case to start the quoting process and you’ll receive a case specific to your needs.

How We Make Custom Athletic Cases

When beginning to develop the design for custom athletic cases, Wilson Case works closely with prospective customers to fully understand their needs and the situations the casing will need to withstand. Starting with the intended contents, Wilson Case will determine what industry regulations need to be followed in addition to standard ATA-300 Category 1 guidelines.

Since custom cases are 85% of Wilson Case’s business, the process is streamlined to make it easiest on customers. Where most businesses in the shipping case industry require customers to send in a product for custom cases to be developed and produced, Wilson Case uses SolidWorks to render 3D models of the case with the products inside utilizing a blueprint CAD file provided by customers. If you don’t have CAD files, don’t worry! We’ll talk you through your needs and expectations, and we’ll even accept napkin sketches. This our way of guaranteeing that the case is designed with precision and efficiency while avoiding the time, money, and resources lost by having to find a way to handle all of your equipment in person.

We present the final design to you, and at this time, alterations can be made. Once approved, Wilson Case will fabricate the shipping cases using the same design you approved on the production shop floor, where it’s translated to CNC computer control language, guaranteeing precision to thousandths of an inch. Each case is hand-assembled by experienced staff using machine riveted construction and heat-treated, plated steel hardware. Once production is complete, cases are shipped to you, ready to use.

Order Your Custom Athletic Case Today!

Whether one of our stock cases will meet your needs or you’d like to design custom athletic training cases or sports equipment cases to fulfill specific needs, Wilson Case has the design and craftsmanship to get your gear there and back again. Contact Wilson Case today for your athletic case needs!