Tooling, Spare Parts, and Calibration Cases

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A single aircraft or spacecraft contains thousands of components. Add on the specific sets of tools and equipment needed to service them, and it’s not difficult to understand why tooling and spare parts cases are essential investments for those who work in the aerospace field.

If shipping expensive, delicate aerospace equipment is part of your job, you’ve come to the right place. Our custom tooling, spare parts, and calibration cases can be built to your exact specifications, so there will be no question of whether your gear will arrive at its destination in proper working condition.

Tooling Storage Cases

With specialty bearings and mechanical seals, plane rudders and electrical components, the list of tooling equipment required by the aerospace manufacturing industry is not only extensive but also incredibly expensive. For that reason, a custom tooling case that protects your gear during transport is a must-have. Fortunately, Wilson Case has experience designing just such shipping solutions. Browse our previous tooling shipping case designs below, from storage solutions for milling tools to cases built to house aerospace devices.

Spare Parts Shipping Cases

Spare parts are essential for air- and spacecraft manufacturing, and spare parts shipping cases are necessary to get them from facility to facility without incurring costly damage. Our custom spare parts cases can house anything from cables and internal wiring components to tires, motors, and engine parts. In addition to being durable and impact-resistant, our cases include features like electric lifts that lower the risk of an injury caused from moving heavy equipment. If part of your job is managing the logistics of shipping spare parts across the country, we’d be happy to work with you to design quality spare parts shipping cases that take the stress out of transporting equipment.  

Calibration Storage Cases

Accuracy is of the utmost importance when it comes to calibrated equipment. If your tool’s calibration is off, your whole workflow can be negatively impacted, so why leave anything to chance when transporting your gear?

Instead, trust Wilson Case to create a custom calibration case that will safely house your equipment. Built to neutralize factors that affect calibration, such as pressure, temperature, and humidity, there’s no better way to avoid a bad reading than by transporting your gear in one of our calibration shipping cases.

Tooling, Spare Parts, and Calibration Cases Recap

The equipment required for air- and spacecraft manufacturing is among the most expensive in the world. When it comes time to ship an engine component, a calibrated tool, or a set of spare parts, don’t take any chances. Our tooling and calibration storage cases come with functional features such as lifts, casters, foam inserts, locks, and drawers, making it easy to maneuver your gear and stay organized. Plus, each one is ATA-300 compliant, which means the case will withstand the normal-to-rough handling associated with common carrier shipments (i.e., by truck, airplane, and boat) for 100 trips.

Extend the lifetime of your gear with proper storage—let Wilson Case design a shipping solution that fits your exact specifications. Browse our previous designs for an idea of what’s possible, and get in touch with us at ​​(800) 322-5493 if you’d like to discuss creating your own aerospace shipping solution.

Why Use Wilson Case for Aerospace Cases?

When valuable aerospace equipment is damaged in transit, the costs (in terms of both time and money) are high. That’s why we are committed to building quality shipping cases with features like ramps that make it easy to load, set up, and unload without damage occurring along the way.

Both our stock and custom aerospace shipping cases are built to last, and we back all of our shipping containers with a limited lifetime warranty, which means that if your case has a material or workmanship defect, we will repair it and return it as expediently as possible, free of charge.

How Our Custom Aerospace Case Design Process Works

If you need a unique case to ship fragile or unusually shaped cargo, we can design and build one for you without you having to send us your items to work from. We specialize in designing custom cases for a wide range of industries, and we work with our customers to meet tight deadlines whenever possible.

We’ll start by discussing your shipping needs in a consultation, and we’ll ask you to send us a file of the blueprints for the product you plan to ship if one is available. This enables us to design your case without referring to the object itself so you can keep your equipment with you where it’s needed. We’ll upload the file to SolidWorks to design a case based on your cargo’s dimensions.

We’ll send our proposed design for your review, and once you’ve approved it, we’ll convert it to CNC computer control language so our machines can cut your case components accurately. From there, our team of skilled workers will build your case by hand, and we’ll deliver it to you upon completion.

Order an Aerospace Shipping Case Now

Don’t wait until you’ve experienced a costly shipping failure to decide to invest in a shipping case for your tooling or spare parts. Our stock and custom shipping containers for spacecraft and aircraft gear are durable but lightweight and can be designed to protect just about any type of aerospace equipment, from fuel bladders to flight control computers. You’ll feel greater peace of mind when you ship your most complex cargo using our cases, so get started today by contacting our team or filling out our request form to get a free quote.