Work Cases. Tables & Drawers

Work Cases With Tables and Drawers

There’s a lot that goes into putting together a successful marketing event, and not all of it can be done in advance—you have to work hard in the moment as well. Wilson Case can help you out with custom work cases that will both transport your materials safely and serve as functional workstations when you arrive.  Our flight and road cases with drawers make excellent workboxes that will keep all your items organized and provide the surface space you need to get down to business.

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Custom Workbox Road and Flight Cases

A custom workbox can be an all-in-one solution for storing tools, completing projects, and displaying items at an event. Wilson Cases has perfected the custom workbox to fit the needs of marketing professionals as well as carpenters, auto technicians, and many more. Some of the features we can add to your road case workbox include drawers on gliders, heavy caster wheels for mobility, tables to work from, shelves for extra storage and display, and electronic lifts.

Custom Work Cases for Trade Shows

If you’re setting up a display at a trade show and really want to attract a crowd, then a custom work case with drawers is what you’re after. With a slideout keyboard tray, display table, and power strip, you’ll have everything you need to make a great impression with a presentation, video loop, or interactive commercial.

As always, our custom workboxes are constructed with a heavy-duty exterior that will prevent any damage during transit. This includes locking drawers on the case for flight safety, dense panels for bumps along the road, and soft, interior foam lining that protects all of your goods.

Wilson Cases takes it to the next level for our trade show clients with our custom trade show workboxes that have drawers on glides for ample storage and even a wardrobe area. We have over 40 years of experience working with professionals who frequent trade shows, so we know exactly what you’ll need for a successful event. Your booth will be the talk of the day thanks to the versatility of your custom workbox.

Custom Work Cases Recap

There are times where it just isn’t feasible to travel with your gear, which is why we designed the toughest custom workboxes to ship your goods around the globe. Our cases have safely shipped everything from medical devices to aerospace materials, so you know your marketing materials will be in good hands.

We offer our clients an array of customization options to ship their unique items. From flight cases with drawers to double-doored workboxes with bins and tables, our cases are prepared for any scenario. Thick, protective foam padding lines each and every nook and cranny of a Wilson Case to absorb and dampen impact during travel. Every custom work case is equipped for simple loading and unloading as well.

If you don’t necessarily need a work case but still have plenty of things to ship and carry around, one of our other marketing cases might be a better fit.

Why Order a Custom Work Case From Wilson Case?

First, we communicate directly with the person or people that will be using the case to understand exactly what it will be needed for. We’ll also work with blueprints of any special or unique equipment that will need to be protected in the case. We’ll help you to understand all the needs for your custom case, such as what types of doors it will need to fit through and shipping specifications. This will help you decide what kinds of materials and features are best for your custom workbox.. Whether you’re after a road case with drawers so that you can transport your work equipment or you’re looking for a shipping case for flying, you can trust Wilson Cases to satisfy all your needs.

We use SolidWorks 3D CAD software to create a 3D model of your case so that you can see exactly what it will look like after production. Our custom cases are created according to your exact specifications down to the thousandths of an inch. 

How Our Custom Design Process Works

We start by talking with our customer to determine what type of case they are looking for and what challenges (such as heavy equipment or frequent travel) they are facing. During our conversation, we also look for issues the customer may not have considered, such as whether the case will fit through a standard door or meet airline requirements for checked bags.

After deciding on a design, we have our customer send us a file with the dimensions of their equipment, much like a blueprint, that we can use to design their shipping case. While many manufacturers need access to the equipment itself in order to build a case, we can fabricate our custom hard cases without ever having to see what will go inside them.

Once we have the product dimensions, our engineers use the SolidWorks 3D CAD program to model the case. We are then able to send a detailed 3D presentation to our customer so that they can see exactly what their case will look like down to the placement of the handles and holes.

When a design is approved, we take the same files we presented to the customer and convert them to CNC computer control language, which allows us to cut the case materials with precision down to the thousandths of an inch. We use only the highest-quality materials in building our cases because we know that many of our customers travel frequently and need a container that can handle heavy use.