Custom Live Event Production Road Cases

Live Event Production Road Cases

A great live event may seem effortless, but as anyone who has ever organized one knows, there are a lot of moving pieces that all have to come together, from the lighting to the sound to the visual displays. Of course, before those components can all come together, they have to get to the event location.

When you need to transport delicate and valuable equipment, order event road cases from Wilson Case. For over 30 years, we’ve been custom-manufacturing durable shipping containers, and we have the skills and technology necessary to design a custom road case that can hold up to rough handling, easily navigate busy conference centers and airports, and make the loading and unloading process easier. All of our cases have been designed for you to be able to safely load, ship, unload, and repeat.

Pro Audio and Video Event Production Cases

Behind every great live event is a set of audio and visual equipment that includes microphones, mixers, lighting rigs, and more. Transporting that equipment to the stage safely is one of the most challenging aspects of preparing for an event, but Wilson Case can help.

From microphone cases to cable trunks to pro AV workboxes, we’ve got everything you need to take your show on the road. If you don’t see a solution that suits your needs, we’ll happily work with you to design a custom road case that does.

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Custom Pro Audio Mixers/Consoles

Make sure your audio equipment arrives at sound check unharmed. Our pro audio cases are ATA compliant, so no matter where you’re headed, you can be sure your consoles will arrive in the same condition they left in. 

We’ve built custom mixer/console flight cases for Yamaha, Roland, Behringer, Avid VENUE, Midas, PreSonus, Allen & Heath, Mackie, Soundcraft, QSC, Bose, Peavey, and more. If you don’t see an option that suits your needs, we’ll happily build a custom event road case that does.

Custom Pro AV Workboxes

Keep your cables organized, your microphones protected, and your video equipment safe from damage with a pro AV workbox from Wilson Case. We’ve designed protective transport cases for all kinds of AV setups, from video editing workstations to mobile classrooms.

Whether you’re flying across the country or just safely storing your AV equipment when it’s not in use, our pro video and audio road cases are designed to last for years to come.

Cable Trunks and Staging Equipment

When you need to transport your stage equipment, don’t just throw your cables in a box and hope for the best. Save time unloading and make sure that your equipment arrives safely with a cable trunk from Wilson Case.

Custom Pro Audio Road Cases

Whether you’re heading to a convention or putting on a live show, the last thing you want to worry about is equipment being damaged during transit. Our custom audio road cases will make sure that doesn’t happen. From storage for subwoofers to ​​speaker road cases, we’ve got a shipping solution for all your audio equipment needs.

Microphones and Miscellaneous Cases

If you’re heading to an event and need to bring your own equipment, you’ll want to make sure it arrives ready for the sound check. Safely transport your microphones, cables, and other audio equipment with a custom event case from Wilson Case.

Pro Audio Speaker Road Cases

Avoid damage to your expensive audio equipment while traveling to your next gig by transporting it in a protective case. Our ​​speaker road cases are ATA compliant and easy to load and unload, so your gear can go anywhere the job takes you.

Custom Drone Hard Cases

Drones are delicate and expensive pieces of equipment. Don’t risk them by transporting them in a less-than-ideal case—trust Wilson Case to provide a shipping solution that will keep your equipment in tip-top shape. Our custom drone hard cases will keep your device in good condition and calibrated for flight at a moment’s notice.

Custom Pro Lighting and Rigging Shipping Cases

Wilson Case manufactures protective road and flight cases for LED fixtures, trusses, motors, and other lighting and rigging equipment. Whatever you need to transport and wherever you’re headed, we can design a lighting case that works for you. We have extensive experience with custom-manufacturing cases for customers in a wide range of industries, including equipment rental, hospitality, entertainment, and corporate event management. 

Pro Video Road Cases

Lights, camera, action! Make sure you’re ready to go live when it’s time by protecting your expensive video equipment. With our pro video road cases, even your most fragile equipment will be protected from damage whenever you ship it, and your live events can go as planned. 

Roland Gear Road Cases

Roland Systems Group makes some of the best A/V equipment on the market for a spectrum of needs. In our selection of stock cases, you’ll find ready-made Roland cases that will get their most popular equipment there and back again. Of course, stock cases may not meet your shipping requirements—if you find that’s true, we can design a custom case to get your Roland gear where it needs to go.

How We Make Custom Event Cases

Before we design your custom event cases, we’ll talk to you about the equipment you need to transport and the particular challenges you face. We’ll work with you to determine what materials and hardware will best serve your needs. We’ll then ask you to send us a file showing the dimensions of the equipment you need to transport.

Using the document you send us, our engineers will design your case in SolidWorks, our 3D CAD modeling program. Once completed, we’ll send the detailed design for you to approve. With your approval, we’ll start the manufacturing process.

We cut all the materials for custom cases on our in-house machines. By taking a design file and converting it to CNC computer control language, we’re able to cut both straight edges and curves with accuracy down to a thousandth of an inch. With all the cut materials assembled, our skilled workers will assemble your case using proven construction techniques.

We care about the quality of our event cases and your satisfaction with the final product, which is why we offer a limited lifetime warranty. If you discover any material or workmanship defects when you receive your case, we’ll pay the cost to ship it back to our facilities, repair it, and send it back to you.

Be Ready for Your Next Event: Order Your Custom Case Today

Don’t risk damaging the equipment you need to make your next live event look effortless. Order a protective event road case from us now and rest easy knowing that your equipment will be safe even when it’s out of your hands. Call us at 800-322-5493 to place your custom order now.