Keeping Your Drone Safe While Traveling

Drones are expensive, and the last thing you want to do is invest in a high-quality drone only to have it damaged during shipment. Since drones are often used outdoors and in various locations, they are likely to spend a reasonable amount of time in transit from one place to another. Without a reliable drone…

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Wilson Case Designs Custom Shipping Case for OSIRIS-REx Space Mission

Wilson Case and engineers at Lockheed Martin worked together to design a custom shipping case to protect NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sample Collection Capsule as it is transported from one manufacturing facility to another. This space mission is currently underway, and the samples are being collected. It’s a pretty incredible mission! Wilson Case’s History With the…

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7 Scenic Places to Fly Your Drone

drone flying in nature

Drone technology has advanced in amazing ways over the last few decades, and now drones play a pivotal role in logistics, research, and military operations. They’re also popular with hobbyists. Many people enjoy flying drones over scenic locations, doing tricks in the air, and capturing amazing images that would have been difficult to see before.…

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5 Unique Aerospace Cases

84-6275 Shipping case for aerospace tool

If you need a secure case to protect and transport your delicate aerospace components, Wilson Case is your ideal partner. We specialize in offering shipping cases for delicate items, large and small, to any industry, and we can manufacture custom cases for every application. Our unique capabilities make us a natural fit for the aerospace…

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