Typical Custom Shipping and Carry Case Scenarios

Stock shipping cases will always have their place in logistics, but no matter how large our selection may be, some shipping challenges can’t be met by any of them. There are plenty of items and circumstances that call for a unique shipping case solution, and that’s where Wilson Case truly shines: designing custom shipping and…

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Setting Up a Mobile Field Office

There are a number of different industries that may utilize a mobile field office. Everything from government to construction, education, and corporate commercial sites may require a mobile field office trailer or other temporary setups to run business. In addition to finding the location, you need to outfit your site with the furniture, technology, and…

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Reasons to Order TruckPak Shipping Cases

Trucks play a massive role in moving high volumes of gear and equipment across the country. However, transporting anything in a truck bed poses many challenges. Without boxes, items may slide around, spill, or get damaged. Even with some kind of container, tools and equipment can quickly get lost in “dump boxes” due to a…

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What To Look For In Cases For Your Roland Gear

Road case for Roland M-300 console

For some of the best A/V equipment on the market, look no further than Roland Systems Group. This brand produces the highest-quality instruments and musical equipment in the industry, and each item deserves a shipping or traveling case that matches their standards. For more than 45 years, Wilson Case has been a leader in live…

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Why You Need a Pull-Behind Shipping Case

Pull-behind Shipping Case

We call our pull-behind shipping cases TagAlong cases. These shipping cases are versatile, reliable, easily mobile, and durable. They make it possible to transport all your gear effortlessly by allowing you to pull the case behind you.  A great TagAlong case can be a lifesaver in many situations, helping to protect a variety of items…

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Our Custom Shipping Case Process

We start this process with learning about you, your product, shipping needs, budget and time frame for a finished case. Protecting your product is our first priority in the shipping case design. We will then work with you to determine your mobility, loading and any other concerns for usability. Our engineers then use solid modeling…

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Reasons to Use Custom Rack Mounts

Custom Rack Mounts from Wilson Case

A custom rack case is designed to keep expensive electronic equipment from being damaged in transit. Often custom rack cases have specific compartments built into them in order to store particular parts of an electronic product. Custom rack mount cases are typically used to ship items such as computers, stereos, or products with large screens.…

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7 Scenic Places to Fly Your Drone

drone flying in nature

Drone technology has advanced in amazing ways over the last few decades, and now drones play a pivotal role in logistics, research, and military operations. They’re also popular with hobbyists. Many people enjoy flying drones over scenic locations, doing tricks in the air, and capturing amazing images that would have been difficult to see before.…

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5 Common OEM Products

39-2445 Custom Antenna Shipping Case

When you work in the logistics industry, you may find yourself faced with unique shipping challenges. No matter what you’re shipping, from canned goods to aircraft parts, your customers expect their shipments to arrive on time and intact. For some goods, this is a challenge, particularly for the various parts and components made by original…

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