Safely Shipping High-End TVs and Monitors

TV Shipping Case.

Large-screen displays, HDTVs, and LCD video walls are being shipped around the world for training, events, and sales meetings. These TVs are our connection to our favorite streaming services, they bring stunning 4K images to life, they’re used for big presentations, and they help you vanquish opponents in the virtual world-today’s TVs, computers, and monitors…

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Make Your Shipping Case Shine With Customized Branding

Shipping case with customized branding

Wilson Case offers customizable branding options to customers who are looking for extra personalization for their cases. In addition to being a great way to make your packaging stand out in a crowd, customized branding is also a great opportunity to promote your business. When to Use Customized Branding Customized branding is particularly useful when…

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Wilson Case: Proud to Be an Essential Business

Man holding laptop faceup with graphs and charts popping up

The current COVID-19 crisis is having far-reaching effects on the U.S. economy. Many businesses have temporarily closed their doors to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. Across the country, federal, state, and local governments are asking nonessential businesses to stay closed until the crisis ends, while businesses that are deemed necessary for performing public…

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Shipments That Require Refrigeration

39-3300 Medical Device Shipping Case

Right now, trucks, trains, and planes are carrying every kind of cargo all over the world. Certain kinds of cargo must be kept at a specific temperature or it won’t survive the trip. Some of these items can go into a refrigerated truck to make journey, but others need customized, refrigerated shipping cases. There are…

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