Wilson Case Designs Shipping Case to Transport Deep Space Telescope Mirror

The pros at Wilson Case love a shipping case challenge!  We also love supporting science and evolving our own technologies and skills.  The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) mission is fascinating.  We were so proud to play a small but critical role in it.

The JWST's special lightweight beryllium mirrors have to make 14 stops to 11 different places around the U.S. to complete their manufacturing process. The 18 mirror segments will form the Webb telescope's huge primary mirror.  Wilson Case was awarded the challenge to design a shipping case solution to protect the mirrors during this process.

We love how our mission at Wilson Case reflects the same mission of the NASA engineers involved with the JWST program.  Here is a quote that made the pros at Wilson Case shake their head in affirmation:  "for the next 8 minutes, the explosion from that rocket is following you into outerspace.  Vibrating you. Shaking you. Everything that goes into space has to live thru this environment and work once it gets there, without someone having to come fix it."  Mike Menzel - WEBB Mission Lead Systems Engineer.

Our mission at Wilson Case is to engineer shipping case solutions that make it simple to safely load, ship, unload, repeat. 

We are ready for your shipping case challenge.  Contact us NOW! We can't wait to work with you!

Shipping Case for Aerospace James Webb Space Telescope Mirror

The JWST is a fascinating mission.  It launches into space tentatively in December 2021.  If you have a moment, check out this video about the journey of building the largest space telescope in history.