Case Studies

Proof that Wilson Case solves big shipping and packing challenges

From:  Mike Leonard - Adaptec Inc.

"I just wanted to take a minute and once again praise your company for exceeding my expectations. I needed two cases for a tradeshow with only a two week lead-time. I received the cases 3 days early. They fit the equipment like a glove exactly as specified.

You can't get any better than that in my book!! Please pass the kudos onto you team."

The Best thing I've Ever Seen:
From:  Bob Ellis - IIS Systems

"I would like to notify you that I received my case...and, it is the best thing I have ever seen. You should be so proud of your company, not only do you conduct your business in a very professional manner, but your guys are nice to work with.

Keep up the good work."

The RoadBurner Case:
From:  Bill Murphy – Head Athletic Trainer / University of Nebraska – Kearney, Kearney, NE

"On a recent road game to Colorado we were driving down I-70. It has 6 lanes of traffic. The side door on our 54-passenger bus suddenly popped open. Because our Wilson case is on wheels, it rolled right out at 65 mph. Witnesses stated that when the case rolled out it hit the pavement, flipped over onto its top, and sparks started flying 6 feet high. It slid approximately 50 feet. A good samaritan stopped and helped to load the case back onto the bus. Not knowing what all went on - just that our Trainer's Kit just rolled off the bus - we continued on to our practice. I wondered what condition the Trainer's Kit would be in. I expected it to not be in good operating condition. TO MY SURPRISE, when we arrived at the field the only damage to the kit was that the four steel covered corners were filed down flat with bluish/black marks from the heat/friction from sliding down the freeway with shooting sparks. The inside was untouched - with no mess. All handles, wheels, and both sides of the flip top are working properly. The moral to the story...your Wilson Cases are very durable - they take a hard hit and still chew up some real estate. We are very happy we purchased cases from Wilson Case Company!"

Packing Hewlett Packard
From:  Fred Stone / Hewlett Packard

See Wilson cases in action with Hewlett Packard - click here.

Easy Pack:
From:  Ron Webb – President / Design Centre – York, PA

"Wilson Case has been instrumental in helping Design Centre develop a major trade show case program for our clients.  Shipping cases are a major problem in the trade show business.  Wood crates always are damaged and their contents damaged as well.  Working with Wilson Case we were able to develop rigid cases to handle all of our clients exhibit components in a protected convenient system.  Wilson Case engineered cases that significantly reduced our show/shipping damage as well as providing easy packing methods which reduce our labor costs.  We found Wilson's pricing to be competitive with wooden crates while providing reduced damage and labor costs.  Partnering with Wilson Case has allowed Design Centre to provide added value to the services we provide our clients."

Still Going Strong!
From:  Jack Schmidt – Product Sales Manager – Spotlight Division
           Strong Entertainment Lighting / Ballantyne of Omaha, Inc. – Omaha, NE

" Strong International has been working with Wilson Case for nearly 10 years.  Probably the single biggest reason we keep coming back to Wilson for cases for followspots is that Wilson always comes through in the tight ones.  We don't often order cases, but when we do, it is frequently on pretty quick time frames.  Doug Huffaker, Bill and the rest of your crew have always been able to fit our orders in and get them here when we needed them, even if it was a rush.  When we needed a new case, Wilson has always been very responsive in getting a design to us, and executing the designs quickly and professionally.  Customer service and customer satisfaction are keys to building a good business.  Wilson has always provided both."

Disaster Aid:
From:  David Lipin – Team Leader / Disaster Medical Assistance Team – CA-6,  San Carlos, CA

"Our disaster team sets up a field hospital inside of large, portable tents which are heavy and cumbersome to move and store.  The factory-provided packaging was canvas bags.  The bags did not let us stack the tents very high, so we lost a lot of vertical storage space in our warehouse.  We accidentally bent the aluminum framing because there was no impact protection.  We risked injuring our team members because the canvas bags encouraged people to attempt to move the tents with too few people.  Since canvas does not hold its shape, it was difficult to use a forklift to move the tents around, and also difficult to fill the bags so as to allow the bag zippers to close completely.  The canvas eventually got little holes from all of our rough handling, which allowed rain water to leak into the bags.

We investigated building boxes on our own.  Wood was cheap, but heavy and not really moisture-proof.  Aluminum was light, but expensive and a difficult building material.  We also didn't have the space to build all the boxes we needed.  When we factored in the time it would take to buy and transport lumber, cut and assemble, add fittings, finish, paint and seal, it really became an unwieldy project for our all-volunteer, part-time team.

We solved our problems with custom cases from Wilson Case.  Our new cases have heavy-duty, removable wheels for easy maneuvering on a smooth surface, and plenty of handles for carrying over rough terrain.  The corners have balls/cups for easy stacking.  The cases are laminated and sealed to prevent rain water from getting inside.  The recessed latches are much more reliable than our old zippers.  And the cases are exactly the right size, so they are easy to pack yet do not waste extra space.  Best of all, our tents are now protected against the abusive handling that we (and cargo carriers) put them through."

What's the BUZZ?
Mark "Buzz" Chisum – Associate Athletic Trainer
         Texas Tech University – Lubbock, TX

"I am excited to have become involved with the professionals at Wilson Case, Inc.  I know for a fact that the Red Raider Football team is in great shape when it comes to our travel around the nation.  We were looking for a new sideline trunk and you fit our needs to a tee.  We are now much more efficient when it comes to finding things during a game.  In the middle of a Big XII football game when you need something out of a trunk - you don't need it now, you need it RIGHT NOW!

You can be sure I'll be passing the word on to fellow trainers:  If you want a trunk that is user-friendly, durable, and great looking - call Wilson Case."