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Virtual Analysis & Simulation Driven Product Development from Wilson Case

Now we can innovate and validate our shipping case solutions like never before, while reducing or even eliminating the need for physical prototypes and testing.  Say goodbye to the tedious and costly design-build-test-redesign stage of getting your product safely on the road.

Shipping Case Design Validation from Wilson Case

Virtual Thermal Analysis

on Wilson Case Shipping Cases

virtual linear static analysis from Wilson Case

Virtual Linear Static Analysis

on Wilson Case Shipping Cases

virtual drop test simulation from Wilson Caseom Wilson Case

Virtual Drop Test Impact Analysis

on Wilson Case Shipping Cases

Virtual Thermal Analysis from Wilson Case

Virtual Vibration Analysis

on Wilson Case Shipping Cases

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company and would love to work with you!  Click on the link below for more information on our ISO certification.

The shipping case pros at Wilson Case are excited to add in-house Virtual Finite Element Analysis to our 45+ years of experience designing shipping case solutions.  We are unlocking this powerful tool to give you as many iterations in the design phase needed to validate our shipping case design for your goals.

It's our next level service for our OEM customers when their boss says "prove it!" and their product launch requires it.  We know that physical prototyping and testing take time, slows your product to market and that shipping cases are one of your last hurdles.  We are here to help and our SIMLab-WCi may be a great solution for you to validate your shipping case and get your product on the road.

We now offer Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to validate integrity of design and design variations on your Wilson case.  We also offer linear static analysis to evaluate product performance based on stress, displacement and factor of safety results on our shipping case solutions.  Virtual drop testing, virtual random vibration analysis and virtual thermal analysis on Wilson shipping case solutions are also available.

We love being trailblazers in our field and are excited to offer this service!