Typical Custom Shipping and Carry Case Scenarios

Stock shipping cases will always have their place in logistics, but no matter how large our selection may be, some shipping challenges can’t be met by any of them. There are plenty of items and circumstances that call for a unique shipping case solution, and that’s where Wilson Case truly shines: designing custom shipping and carry cases for cargo that can’t move any other way.

The list of reasons why an individual or an organization might need a custom case solution is endless, but in more than four decades of designing and manufacturing custom cases, we’ve noticed a few patterns. Here are some common scenarios that call for custom hard case luggage and shipping products.

Military Shipping Cases

Keeping our military units all over the globe in peak operating condition depends on transporting all kinds of equipment and supplies, often to remote locations. We’ve designed custom cases for equipment like helmets, night vision goggles, tents, tank and aircraft parts, and everything in between, including custom gun cases to make sure expensive, sensitive armaments arrive ready to use.

Custom Medical Cases

Healthcare organizations can’t take any risks when shipping medical supplies and equipment, so custom medical cases are frequently necessary. We’ve made airtight custom cases to keep dust off of delicate medical technology and temperature-controlled cases to keep medicines from spoiling. Medical organizations also frequently request waterproof cases to prevent solutions from becoming diluted by rain or ocean spray.

Trade Show Cases

In addition to providing custom hard cases for military and medical use, Wilson Case provides protection for trade show equipment as well. We can customize cases for laptops and monitors so that they can be securely transported between shows, using hard exteriors and foam linings to keep them safe inside and out. If you’re attending a gaming expo or e-sports competition, we’ve also made custom gaming monitor travel cases so you can carry your screens from match to match without concern.

Order Your Custom Case Today

We’ve barely scratched the surface of all the situations in which ordering a custom shipping case or custom carry case can be essential. If you have anything you think is too big, too small, too awkwardly shaped, or too sensitive to ship, we’ll be glad to manufacture a tailor-made case that proves you wrong. Let us know what you need to transport and we’ll get started on your case right away!