Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing a Custom Shipping Case

Moving supplies or equipment for your industry can be taxing, time-consuming, and anxiety-inducing, but there’s no avoiding it. Fortunately, companies like Wilson Case create a seamless way to safely and effectively transport valuable items. Whether it’s medical equipment, athletic gear, expensive technology, or anything under the sun, with just a few pieces of information from you, we can design a custom shipping case to meet your every need.

We’ll guide you through the process as much as we can, but the more you know about what you’re looking for in a customized shipping case, the better we can design a perfect solution. If you aren’t quite sure how to describe what you want, start by asking yourself these questions.

What Are You Shipping?

Start with the basics: Help us understand what you’re shipping. How many items are there? Are there accessories for the item? It doesn’t matter if you’re transporting a microchip, a new medical device for a demo, or an entire collection of staging, audio, and lighting for an event—knowing what we’re working with will help us determine the approximate type of shipping case that would work best for you.

What Is Your Budget?

When you give us a call, let us know what your budget is. If we have an idea of your target price range, we can narrow down the options for features and materials for your case. Of course, if your custom shipping case absolutely needs specific qualities to perform well that would send you over your budget, we’ll let you know.

How Soon Do You Need to Ship?

Time can be a factor when designing a custom shipping case. Usually, fulfillment for custom orders takes 10 business days, but medical equipment manufacturers and other entities serving the COVID-19 effort will be moved to the top of the list. If you’re really in a hurry, consider using the Quick Ship Option to have your order made and shipped within five business days. Once we have cleared the foundational questions, we can move on to auxiliary ones. The more specific information obtained from the questions below will help us design a custom shipping case that will best suit your needs.

What Are the Item’s Dimensions?

Consider how big your item is and how it’s shaped. Will it fit through a door? Is it man-sized, or hand-sized? If it has curves or an odd, asymmetrical shape, it will require special manufacturing. Eventually, we will ask for a file containing the item’s dimensions, which allows us to tailor the case to the exact measurements you need, regardless of the shape or size.

What Are the Shipping Challenges Particular to Your Item or Industry?

Next, think about what might make your item difficult to ship—for example, fragile elements or sensitivity to temperature, light, water, dust, vibration, or static electricity. Will you be lifting it or pushing it on wheels? Does the item need to be instantly accessible? With these details, we can best determine how to protect your goods.

Is Personalization Important?

Finally, consider how exactly you want your case to look. Let us know if you need to stack multiple cases, see the outline of your items from outside the case, or make a good first impression with your shipping materials. Wilson Case offers personalized branding to help you promote your business on your case. If you also want a way to exhibit your products or to create a portable workstation, we can supply that as well.

Review Our Custom Shipping Cases for Inspiration

Still having a hard time deciding exactly what you need from a customized shipping case? Take a look at some of the cases we’ve designed for other customers for ideas. If someone’s thought of it, chances are we can build it. Whether you know what you want from your case or not, don’t hesitate to give us a call—we’re happy to help you create the perfect packaging to protect your equipment as it travels.