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The pros at Wilson Case have over 40 years of experience working with a variety of customers in numerous industries.  Here is a glimpse at some of the Wilson custom shipping cases on the road today.  Solving shipping challenges, with cases designed for protection, mobility, ease, usability and durability.  We make it simple to safely load, ship, unload, repeat.

Medical Ramp Case 44-2931A

Medical Device
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Computer / Electronics
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OEM / Logistics
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58-1659 shipping case for banners

Exhibit / Marketing
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ATA-300 Aerospace Tooling Case 58-1181

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Medical Device Shipping Cases

Medical devices are susceptible to damage and deserve the best protection. Medical devices can help save lives, complete diagnostic testing, and improve existing medical procedures.

At Wilson Case, we take our medical device shipping cases seriously, which is why we work with clinical staff and coordinators to create insulated, shock-proof and high-quality medical device shipping cases. You can organize your medical workstation, pre-hospital setting, and organize surgical equipment with help from our custom medical device shipping cases. View Medical Devices

Computer / Electronics Shipping Cases

Wilson Case offers computer and electronic shipping cases to keep all of your equipment safe if you're a software developer, IT specialist, or need to transport your computer parts safely.

Shock-proof cases protect against damage to sensitive PCB and other circuit boards. You can rest assured sensitive information is protected with the help of our computer shipping cases as well. View Computer /  Electronic Shipping Cases

OEM / Logistics Shipping Cases

Our OEM and logistics cases are easy to load and unload. They are tailored to fit just about any equipment or part, including antennas, simulators, scales, and so much more.

When you need to protect genuine parts for your job and want to transport them safely, look no further than our OEM and logistics shipping cases. Lightweight, moisture and chemically resistant materials add another layer of protection for your equipment as well. View OEM / Logistics Shipping Cases

Aerospace Shipping Cases

Aerospace engineering requires attention to detail and specific measurements. At Wilson Case, we're proud to work side-by-side with engineers, creating cases that can fit anything from small parts to fuselages. Our cases are guaranteed to help transport your sensitive equipment, making it safer and easier to load and unload.

With printing technology accurate to thousandths of an inch, we're ready to tackle any project for aerospace companies. The companies we've worked with prior love our attention to detail, superb communication, and willingness to exceed expectations with custom-designed aerospace shipping cases. View Aerospace Shipping Cases

Exhibit / Marketing Shipping Cases

Keep your posters and marketing supplies rolled up and untouched with our exhibit and marketing shipping cases. Wilson Case understands how precious artwork and prototypes can be. That's why we take the time to work with you and create shipping cases that will transport art safely to and from international shows, museums, marketing events, and much more. View Exhibit / Marketing Cases

Government / Military Shipping Cases

Our shipping cases provide ample protection for military personnel to safeguard some of the nation's most precious and secret tools or weaponry. When shipping is a matter of national and global security, Wilson Case steps up to the plate by providing durable and custom-fitted shipping cases for government and military purposes. View Government / Military Shipping Cases

Mobile Training / Communications Shipping Cases

Wilson Case is here to help organize and transport your training equipment with help from our shipping cases for those needing to send a team of experts to train others. Our shipping cases are the best tools to prepare your teams for their long journey ahead and can design equipment for maximum protection and usability. View Mobile Training / Communications Shipping Cases

Athletic Shipping Cases

Medical experts providing care to athletes on the road can do so easily, thanks to Wilson Case's athletic shipping cases. Our athletic shipping cases provide everything you need in a single case, including a portable treatment table, organizers for medical equipment, wheels, and a sturdy build. View Athletic Shipping Cases