Aerospace Shipping Case Solutions

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The pros at Wilson Case have designed unique, top-quality shipping cases for many companies in the aerospace industry. We have built small shipping cases for tools and other cases large enough to ship aircraft fuselages. Every shipping case we make for the aerospace industry is guaranteed to protect its cargo, simplify loading and unloading, and take the hassle out of transit. Our solid modeling software makes it easy for our team to work with specs provided by aerospace product managers and engineers.

Custom case design is our strength, and no application is too complex. We love a challenge, and this market is full of them. In one of our favorite aerospace projects, we designed a shipping case to transport NASA’s OSIRIS-REx sample collection return module. View our shipping case solution here, and catch up on the OSIRIS-REx mission here.

It’s always an honor when clients visit our facility. Take a look at Lockheed Martin’s visit to Wilson Case while making a maintenance stop. They brought a flight demonstrator, and our team loved taking that fighter for a spin.

Our virtual FEA analysis lets you see how your aerospace product and our shipping case will act and react during transit, before will build.

Examples of Aerospace Shipping Cases We’ve Made:

We’ve designed and manufactured cases to safely ship the following items:


  • Aircraft windshields
  • Aircraft fuel systems
  • Deep space sample capsules
  • In-flight entertainment systems
  • Space suits
  • Deep space telescope mirrors
  • Oxygen tanks
  • Drones/UAVs
  • Avionics/Instrumentation

Why Use Wilson Case for Aerospace Cases?

We recognize just how high the costs can be (in terms of both time and money) when valuable aerospace equipment is damaged in transit, which is why we are committed to building quality shipping cases that are easy to load, set up, and unload while preventing damage from occurring in between. We’ll work closely with you to select the case materials, configurations, and mobility and security components that are best suited to the type of cargo you need to move. Using SolidWorks, a 3D CAD modeling program, we’re able to manufacture custom cases to your exact specifications, with precision down to thousandths of an inch.

Both our stock and custom aerospace shipping cases are built to last, and we back all of our shipping containers with a limited lifetime warranty. If your case has a material or workmanship defect, we will repair it and return it as expediently as possible, free of charge.

Custom Aviation and Spacecraft Cases

If one of our stock cases meets your needs, you can order it now. If, however, you need a unique case to ship fragile or unusually shaped cargo, we can design and build one for you without you having to send us your items to work from. We specialize in designing custom cases for a wide range of industries, and we work with our customers to meet tight deadlines whenever possible.

We’ll start by discussing your shipping needs in a consultation, and we’ll ask you to send us a file of the blueprints for the product you plan to ship, if one is available. This enables us to design your case without referring to the object itself so you can keep your equipment with you where it’s needed. We’ll upload the file to SolidWorks to design a case based on your cargo’s dimensions.

We’ll send our proposed design for your review, and once you’ve approved it, we’ll convert it to CNC computer control language so our machines can cut your case components accurately. From there, our team of skilled workers will build your case by hand, and we’ll deliver it to you upon completion.

Order an Aerospace Shipping Case Now

With the thousands of components that go into building an aircraft or spacecraft, manufacturers must rely on global supply chains to get all the materials and equipment they need. Batteries, engines, sensitive electronics, and other items shipped around the world must arrive at their destination in good condition to prevent costly delays for aerospace operations. If you work in the aerospace industry and you’re responsible for shipping expensive, delicate equipment, it’s essential to use aerospace shipping cases that will protect your cargo in transit.

Wilson Case provides stock and custom shipping containers for spacecraft and aircraft. Our cases are durable but lightweight and can be designed to protect just about any type of aerospace equipment, from fuel bladders to flight control computers. You’ll feel greater peace of mind when you ship your most complex cargo using our cases.

Don’t take any risks with your aerospace equipment: Choose shipping cases that will protect your cargo from damage no matter where it travels. Contact Wilson Case to place an order or learn more about our design process, or fill out our request form to get a free quote.