Athletic Cases

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Every sports team has a behind-the-scenes group of people that works tirelessly to keep athletes healthy and to provide on-site medical attention when injuries do occur. These athletic trainers and sports medicine staff members rely on having the equipment they need close at hand, even when the team is on the road. This means having durable and mobile athletic cases that can hold tape, bandages, gauze, shears, hot and cold packs, disinfectants, and other supplies.

Wilson Case offers a wide range of standard cases, and we can also create custom cases if you have unique storage and transportation challenges. We also manufacture sports equipment cases with customizable interiors so that your team can easily transport bulky or heavy gear to every game, match, meet, or tournament. With our containers, your team will never be without the sports and medical supplies they need.

Our Athletic Industry Cases Include:

  • TablePRO (portable treatment table)
  • MobileMed (athletic trainer shipping case)
  • UltiMate (athletic trainer shipping case)
  • CheckMate (compact athletic trainer case)
  • SplitTop (athletic trainer case with flip-top lid)
  • SportLocker (sports equipment case)
  • Double Upright (sports equipment case)




Benefits of Athletic Cases from Wilson Case

Wilson Case athletic containers are designed to creatively and efficiently address some of the most common problems that athletic trainers and sports equipment managers face. We offer cases with our durable Turf Tires, which can easily roll on any surface (including football fields and tracks) without going flat. We also have cases that double as portable treatment tables for athletes of all sizes and compact athletic trainer cases that keep supplies neatly organized. We have athletic cases that have been specifically sized to meet the requirements of most airlines for checked baggage, and even some compact cases that are small enough to be carryon items. They are also extremely easy to load and unload due to the materials we use and the options for customization.

If you do not find the exact athletic or sports equipment case you need on our site, you can simply request a custom case, and we’ll deliver it. We’ll work closely with you and use the latest 3D modeling technology to create the case to your exact specifications.

How We Design & Build Our Cases

Many hard case manufacturers require their clients to ship them the equipment that will be stored in their custom case in order to get the dimensions right, and unfortunately, this process can be costly and time-consuming. Wilson Case clients do not have to go through this. We simply have our clients send us a file that is similar to a blueprint, and we upload that file to SolidWorks, a 3D CAD modeling program. From there, we can render a model that will allow us to create the case our client has envisioned. We send the design to the client to review, and once they approve it, our skilled manufacturing team builds the case and ships it when it’s complete.

Order Your Athletic Case Today

Contact Wilson Case if you’re ready to order an athletic case or if you want to know more about our custom design process. You can also request a quote by clicking here. If you’re facing a unique storage or transportation problem as an athletic trainer or sports equipment manager, we’d love to help you come up with a solution.