Athletic Cases

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Wilson Case is proud to offer athletic shipping cases that can help provide ample organization and ease of unloading and loading for gear, medical equipment, and much more.

What are Athletic Shipping Cases?

Have you ever wondered how athletic teams transport their gear, medical equipment, or jerseys to and from their games? Athletic shipping cases protect sports equipment, organization, and easy loading and unloading to help coaches and team members set up their game with little delay.

Many athletes must be treated on-site for more minor injuries such as ACL tears, lacerations, or other minor injuries. Athletic shipping cases can help organize medical equipment for first responders as well. Athletic shipping cases are also standard for medical personnel.

Features of Wilson Case Athletic Shipping Cases

  • Wilson case is proud to offer athletic shipping cases that can provide the best organizational solutions for coaches, small teams, or larger teams. Some of the best features of our athletic cases include:
    • TablePRO: a sturdy, portable treatment table so athletes can sit or lay down comfortably while receiving medical care
    • MobileMed: a shipping case with ample shelves, bins, and drawers for easy storage, as well as a tabletop that can double as a mobile work station
    • CheckMate: a smaller, more compact case for trainers and their personal supplies that fit with airline carrier limits
    • SplitTop: a case that has a flip-top lid, providing easy access to gear in the middle of a sporting event while still providing excellent organization
    • SideLine: an athletic equipment trunk that can house bulky gear such as shoulder pads, large-sized training gear, bulky items like basketballs, footballs, and even water jugs
    • HotelPRO: traveling cases for athletes and coaches so that can keep their gear organized on the road and save time during the middle of busy seasons

These stock shipping cases are ready to go at a moment's notice, providing a fast solution to organize your gear and prepare for future games ahead.


Custom-Built Athletic Cases

The above-listed features come on many of our stock shipping cases. However, Wilson Case is also ready to provide you with custom-built athletic cases that can organize your equipment and help you in just about any environment you need. Our custom-built athletic cases are created with team effort.

We work with coaches, athletes, and directors to help custom build cases for all team members. We provide custom-built athletic shipping cases for:

  • Wardrobe shipping cases: Made so you and your athletes can hang your uniforms or gear with ease.
  • Training cases: Cases that help you teach new skills to team members in any setting and come equipped with training boards, seating, and other helpful features.
  • Taping stations: Custom cases built so your athletes can have the stability they need at a moment's notice/
  • Medication, nutrition, or amenities: Cases with smaller compartments that can organize a wide range of medications for pain, nutritional supplements, or other amenities available for athletes.
  • Sideline cases: Made in any size and ready to house bulky gear that won't fit easily in other compartments or
  • Work boxes: We'll provide the shelving and storage space specific to your demands, and will stop at nothing to provide you with a custom case that works for any purpose.
  • Helmet, pads, repair, shoe cases: Perfectly customized cases to store gear for a small or larger team, and to protect safety equipment necessary to protect your players out on the field.


Work With Wilson Case For the Best Athletic Shipping Cases Today

We understand that traveling, winning games, and playing on the field are no easy feats. Nothing is better than having your equipment organized and ready to go at a moment's notice. Wilson Case wants to provide you with high-quality organizational solutions for your team.

Our cases help make life a little easier for athletes and coaches by organizing your essential equipment and wardrobes. Shop online to explore our line of shipping cases, or contact us today so we can custom-build athletic cases for your team today.

Contact Wilson Case if you’re ready to order an athletic case or if you want to know more about our custom design process. You can also request a quote here. If you’re facing a unique storage or transportation problem as an athletic trainer or sports equipment manager, we’d love to help you come up with a solution.