Industrial OEM Shipping Cases

Shipping or transporting industrial equipment and parts can be tricky due to the irregular size and shape of parts and equipment. Sometimes shippers or freight forwarders will try to package industrial equipment using regular shipping containers and shrink wrap to try to make it work. As you may have already noticed, this isn’t the ideal solution for expensive and complex equipment. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or you have to transport large, bulky parts or industrial equipment on a regular basis, Wilson Case will design unique industrial or OEM cases for your company. Our unique and durable cases help companies transport computers, simulators, industrial scales and similar equipment worry-free. We also make durable industrial travel cases for equipment demonstrations. We provide both premade cases for common equipment as well as custom cases. We love a challenge and can build a case for ANY parts or equipment you might need to transport.

Examples  of Cases We’ve Made

  • Simulator cases
  • Antenna cases
  • Cases for scales

Benefits of Industrial Cases from Wilson Case

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How We Make Our Shipping Cases

Wilson Case creates durable and unique OEM shipping cases that are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your equipment. We design original cases for even the most complicated units. Our custom cases are designed to fit your equipment like a glove – that means no jostling or movement during transport. They are also easy to load and unload with the option to add ramps and wheels. Our cases are moisture-resistant and chemically inert. We make our cases from a variety of durable and lightweight materials. If you choose to have us create a custom case for your equipment, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from for materials including plated steel, Wilson LT reinforced tri-laminate that is 100% recyclable, heat-treated aluminum alloy, ABS-clad plywood and aluminum skinned plywood. These are just a few of the options.

We also offer discounts for cases that are ordered in larger quantities, and we provide warehousing and just in time delivery services. We will store your equipment cases in our warehouse facilities for free and drop ship them to you at no extra charge

We work with your engineering and marketing departments to determine the needs for your cases based on appearance and functionality. We can even design your cases to match your brand using your logo, colors and custom labels. Unlike many other case designers out there, we do not require you to send us your product in order for us to create a custom case. Our engineers use SolidWorks software to create 3D prototypes of your case before it is created so that there are no unwanted surprises when your case comes. Once the prototype is approved, it is sent to production and your custom case is shipped out once completed. Even though we are thorough and precise down to one-thousandth of an inch, we also understand that the need for industrial transport cases can be time-sensitive and work with you to get your case made on schedule.

Contact us if you have any questions about our premade industrial OEM cases, or if you would like to learn more about our custom-made equipment cases. You can also request a free quote online here.