Live Event & Stage Equipment Cases

ETC Element Workstation Case 56-634



The transport of expensive audio, video and lighting equipment can be a challenge, especially when it is large or irregularly shaped. Corporate event managers, road crews, hotel event managers, technicians and live event management and production companies must regularly deal with the challenges involved in transporting this equipment from one site to another, as well as proper equipment storage and setup.


Over the years, AV and lighting equipment for live performances has gotten more and more complex as new developments in technology allow for the addition of awe-inspiring lighting, video and sound elements to live productions that were never before possible. This means that equipment has also become more expensive and more complex. Stage equipment for live events must be handled with care, which means it should be stored and transported in specialty cases that are durable. Wilson Case provides stage cases and live event cases and all types of premade and custom cases for your equipment. We can make custom cases for any type of equipment you might have, making packing, transport and setup fast and worry-free.

Examples of Equipment Cases We’ve Made for Live Events

Wilson case has ready-made and custom-built cases for an infinite variety of professional audio, video and lighting equipment. These are just a few examples of cases we’ve made:

  • TruckPaks of varying sizes
  • Cases for Roland mixers & other Roland gear
  • ETC Element lighting system & workstation cases
  • Projector cases
  • Projector truss mount cases
  • Rackmount and shockmount cases
  • Cases for any variety of speakers

Why Use Wilson Case to Manage Live Events?

Technicians love our cases. They are made from durable and light-weight materials, and for an industry that requires a quick setup of equipment you’ll love that we make loading and unloading a breeze. We also make them with wheels and mechanical lifts. Our cases are built with some of the most durable materials used in our industry, and they are guaranteed to last for the life of your equipment.


In addition to our premade cases, we can create custom AV equipment cases that allow you to organize your equipment in the most efficient way. Some of them are made to double as packing cases as well as workstations. This makes packing and set up quick and easy, which makes our clients’ clients happy as well. This gives technicians more valuable time after unpacking for testing and making sure the event runs smoothly. When we create your custom case, we make it our business to consider things you may not have considered. For instance, what kind of doors will your case need to fit through? Our decades of experience designing cases combined with our engineers’ creativity and capacity to innovate give us the insight to design the perfect custom case for your equipment and how you want use it.

How Our Lighting, Audio & Video Equipment Cases Are Made

When you request a custom-built case from Wilson Case, you do NOT have to ship us your equipment so we can meet your precise requirements. All we need is a blueprint of your equipment to upload into our program. We use SolidWorks to create a 3D model of your equipment case so that you can approve the design before your custom case is made. Our machines and our engineers are extremely precise. We can follow specifications down to the thousandth of an inch. We allow you the flexibility to choose the materials for your custom case down to the location of the handles and latches. We are also easy to work with and create your custom case in a timely manner. We also offer expedited service for those who need their cases in a hurry.

Contact Wilson Case Today

Whether you need a case now or you need a custom-built stage or live event case for your equipment, we’re happy to answer any of your questions to help you get the case you need. Contact us today or click here to request a quote for your equipment case.