Mobile Training Cases

custom-mobile-training-case-render_leftside_56-679Many different types of companies and organizations send employees to various locations around the country or around the globe to train other employees. They also pack up heavy and costly equipment to do product demonstrations for teaching employees, prospects and clients how to use their products. Some of the industries we’ve built training cases for include IT, engineering and medical. We have made custom mobile training cases for companies like HP and Lockheed Martin to allow them to safely and easily pack up their equipment and teaching tools for worry-free shipping or transport.

Wilson Case has premade rackmount or shockmount mobile training cases with drawers, wheels, handles for towing and more. We also utilize our decades of experience, high quality materials, creativity and innovate engineers to create custom cases for any purpose. Whether you require heavy equipment, TVs, computers or simulation equipment for your mobile training sessions, we can help you design the best case for it.

Examples of Cases We Have Made

  • F22 Raptor Demonstrator Case for Lockheed Martin
  • Plasma/LED/LCD cases
  • SportMate
  • TravelMate
  • TravelPaks
  • Double Drawer cases
  • ShowNGo Cases

Why Use Wilson Case for Mobile Training?

Our cases are great for mobile training because they can be built to store any equipment you might need to set up the ideal training session, even if that equipment costs millions of dollars and weighs a ton. Our cases can be designed with or without wheels, ramps, mechanical lifts, cabinets, cubby holes and drawers. They can also be designed with fold out legs and tables so you can set up a training station on location, without having to find a table that properly holds your equipment. We design mobile cases for maximum efficiency and usability, making packing, unpacking and training as organized and effective as possible. Our cases are built with lightweight yet durable materials to make transport as easy as possible. They also come with a guaranty. We promise our cases will last the lifetime of your equipment.


How We Make Custom Cases for Mobile Training

We design custom mobile cases with precision, efficiency and creativity in mind. To begin, we consult with our clients about the specific uses for the case and any industry regulations or requirements that need to be met. We make it our job to think about things you may not have thought of, such as what sizes of doors your case will need to fit through. In order for us to build a unique case for your equipment and training sessions, all you have to do is send us a blueprint of the product or products you would like in the case. You DO NOT have to send us your equipment for us to create a custom case with precision down to the one-thousandth of an inch. We use SolidWorks technology to design a 3D model of your custom case so that you can approve it before we start creating your mobile training case. We are also easy to work with and facilitate communication between design engineers and clients if needed. We provide the option to rush orders if needed.


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Popular Mobile Training Cases: