Industries that Benefit from Customized Shipping Cases

Businesses aren’t built with everything they need in the office or warehouse all at once. Industry depends on moving millions of parts, supplies, and information from one point to another, and it all has to arrive at its final stop in fantastic condition—that’s where shipping cases come in.

There are a variety of industries particularly dependent on transporting objects large and small. Here are five of the fields that benefit most from customized shipping cases and solutions:


The aerospace industry requires tools, test equipment, protective clothing, and volatile fuel to be available in some of the most extreme environments imaginable. Whether you need a small case for tools or an end-to-end logistics solution for an aircraft fuselage, we probably have an off-the-shelf solution ready to go—and if we don’t have it, we can build it.


Have you ever been to a concert or another live event? You may not have realized there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Musicians need instruments and audio gear to be ready in working condition. Many other live events depend on PA systems and video gear to get their message to large crowds. All this gear needs to be packed, unpacked, set up, taken down, and transported to the next venue every day—just thinking about all of that is tiring, let alone getting it done. Customized shipping cases are an essential part of getting entertainment equipment where it needs to be.


Doctors, nurses, and medical technicians need specialized tools, diagnostic equipment, and medicines with them. If what they need isn’t nearby, people can die. Medical tools must be sterile. Diagnostic equipment is often heavy, bulky, and delicate. Many medicines are sensitive to heat and light. These considerations require customized shipping solutions, and we are ready to provide them.


Whether you’re talking about a Formula One racing team or the local Little League team, athletes need equipment. From baseball bats and balls to uniforms, shoes, and even tape, everything needs to be accessible and easily transportable. This practically demands a customized shipping solution.


Academics are probably not the first industry you think of when you’re thinking about logistics. After all, books and pencils are easy to transport. However, students and professionals in many academic fields, such as archaeology, art, history, and zoology, need artifacts, paintings, documents, and specimens (both living and dead) to get their work done. Archaeological artifacts are extremely delicate. Paintings and sculptures are unwieldy and sensitive to light, moisture, and temperature. Finally, alive or not, biological specimens require specialized preservation. One-size-fits-all shipping cases can’t meet all of these demands, but a customized case is sure to.

These five industries are just the tip of the iceberg—we haven’t covered agriculture, manufacturing, the military, or utilities, just for starters. People working in a range of industries all over the world need to have equipment, supplies, and tools with them to do their jobs. We are ready to build the shipping solutions that make it happen.