Make Your Shipping Case Shine With Customized Branding

Wilson Case offers customizable branding options to customers who are looking for extra personalization for their cases. In addition to being a great way to make your packaging stand out in a crowd, customized branding is also a great opportunity to promote your business.

When to Use Customized Branding

Customized branding is particularly useful when shipping to large-scale events, such as county fairs or sports games. If you’re in the restaurant industry and you’re shipping items to a festival where there are different food vendors, you can use your case as a form of advertising. If people see the branded case when passing by the food tent, they will associate it with the service they are receiving. If you are shipping to a sporting event, you can have your team’s logo and mascot printed on case. This can boost team pride and help you keep your equipment separate from another team’s.

Case Wraps

Wilson Case offers custom heavy-duty vinyl case wraps where you can include branded logos, words, and images. Before shipment, the wraps are pressed flat against the outside of the shipping case, covering the entire outer surface.

Specific Case Colors

We offer 16 different options for case colors. You can keep your case plain and professional by choosing a more subdued color like black, silver, gray, or white. Alternatively, you can spice up the presentation by choosing a brighter color like orange, yellow, green, or medium blue. Taking advantage of different options is particularly useful if you are shipping products to an entity that is associated with a certain color, like a company, band, or sports team.

Ramguard Engraving

Wilson Case offers customization down to the ramguard of a shipping case. The ramguard is the area at the bottom of a case that is padded with an extra metal barrier to protect against accidental collision during shipment. Engraving the name of a company or logo into the metal ramguard of a shipping case is a nice touch, especially if you would like to keep the case plain otherwise.

Lid Panel and Laminated Foam

If you are interested in keeping your case more discrete, then choosing lid panel and laminated foam branding is a great option. With this customization feature, Wilson Case adds branding to the inside of your packaging on the interior of the top panel and on the foam inserts that will hold the product being shipped in place.

Heat Transfer Decals

Heat transfer decals are another option for branding customization. These logos or phrases are simply applied to the outside of the shipping package using heat. This is an easy branding option that helps packaging shine in an understated way.

If you’re interested in adding more personal flair to your packing, contact Wilson Case. Our customized branding options will make sure your shipping cases and your image are recognized worldwide.