Protection, First Impressions and Presentations

medical device shipping case 60-677
OR Table Shipping Case 70-797_dwg
OR Lighting Shipping Case 70-438

Positive first impressions, easy loading, access, set-up, presentation and protection are what a medical device giant asked of Wilson Case. The company travels around the world to sales meetings numerous times a year.  They were experiencing damage to their devices and were frustrated with the challenges once they arrived with loading, unloading and setting up their large, heavy medical devices and numerous peripherals.  They also wanted a solution that didn't include heavy, ugly crates.   Until they met the Pros at Wilson Case, they hadn’t found a case company that was able meet or exceed their wants, wishes and requirements.


The pros at Wilson Case designed a set of cases to deliver the customer’s operating room product line safely and simply to sales meetings around the world. The customer said they were set apart from the competition the minute their Wilson cases arrived and as they watched their sales personnel unload effortlessly and set up with ease.  Not only did their product wow them, but their attention to details and presentation from unload to load gave them the edge.


Heavy duty ramps, mechanical lifts, multi access doors, inlets, multiple lids, outlets, reinforced case structures, Ramguard, skid systems and intentional engineering are a few of the case components that were used to develop a shipping case system for this customer that allowed easy access to bulky devices and provided efficient packing of peripherals.  Above are pictures of a few cases designed for our customer.


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