Custom Drone Carrying and Travel Hard Cases

Custom Drone Hard Cases

Drones are extremely popular with hobbyists and professionals alike, but no matter what people use drones for, they understand how important it is to keep the device in good condition and ready to fly at any second. This is especially true when transporting a drone.

When you need a dependable way to transport or ship valuable drones and related equipment, order a custom drone case from Wilson Case. Most of our business revolves around custom-manufacturing durable shipping cases, which is why we’ve been a leader in the industry for decades. We have the expertise, technology, and engineering skills necessary to design cases that load and unload easily and hold up to whatever environment you encounter.

Drone Shipping and Carrying Cases

When you need to ship drones, there’s a much better option than packing them in a suitcase and crossing your fingers. Our custom drone transport cases are durable, secure, and built to ATA-300 standards. We can help you get your valuable equipment wherever it needs to go without a scratch, whether it’s across the country or just down the street.

With padlockable latches and foam inserts that protect your equipment, our drone cases are also great for storing your valuable equipment when not in use. Can’t find a case that fits your exact requirements in our stock selection? Not a problem—we’ll happily work with you to build one that does.

ATA Drone Cases

Heading out on an adventure? You won’t want to miss those sweeping aerial views only a drone can pick up. Bring your equipment along for the journey with the help of an ATA-compliant drone case.

ATA-300 Category I standards are vital for cases that are intended to ship various types of products and materials that may be sensitive to the conditions of travel. And drones aren’t just sensitive—they’re incredibly expensive too. Instead of risking damages in transit, invest in an expertly crafted drone case from Wilson Case.

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Why Order a Custom Drone Case From Wilson Case?

We’ve designed high-end custom and stock cases for a number of clients in various industries, including the U.S. DOD and military as well as aerospace organizations—we even developed custom cases for the transportation of an extremely delicate mirror valued at $800 million for the James Webb Telescope. With these types of clients, GSA contracts, and certified processes for ATA-300 that are compatible with MIL-810, C-4105J, and 28800 standards, you can rest assured that a case from Wilson Case is the best way to transport your equipment anywhere local, national, or global.

Custom shipping cases are 85% of our business, so we’re constantly creating new, innovative solutions to common challenges. We put our customers and their needs at the center of our process to make sure we can develop any case they imagine. If you need to bring your equipment with you on a plane, we’ll develop a drone flight case that’s designed to be easy to maneuver through bustling airports, fit through narrow spaces, and match carry-on requirements as applicable. If you’re expecting to operate under harsher conditions, our drone hard cases can be designed with recessed security options and our trademark Turf Tires with heavy-duty casters to tackle any terrain. If you need something light, our drone carrying cases can be customized with Wilson LT or DuraLite panels to cut the weight by at least 30%. For customized drones with extra equipment, a quadcopter case can be fitted with customized foam cutouts and much more. The only limit is your imagination.

How We Make Our Custom Cases

When beginning to develop the design for a custom drone transport case, Wilson Case works closely with prospective clients to fully understand their needs and the conditions the case will need to withstand. We’ll even help you determine which regulations need to be addressed in addition to standard ATA-300 guidelines.

Our process is streamlined to make it easy for our customers. Where many shipping industry businesses require customers to send products in for custom cases to be designed around them, Wilson Case uses a design file provided by each customer to render 3D models of the case with the product inside utilizing SolidWorks. This guarantees precision and efficiency without wasting resources and time.

The design is presented to the client or contractor for approval. Once approved, this is the same design file that’s used on the shop floor, where it’s translated to CNC computer control language that offers precision for every curve and straight line to the thousandths of an inch. The case is then hand-assembled by experienced staff. Once production is complete, cases are shipped to the client ready to use. The whole process typically takes 10 to 14 business days, but we can expedite your case production to 5 business days or less if necessary.

Be Ready to Take Your Drone Anywhere—Order a Custom Case Today

When you’ve got to get your drone there and back, a transport case from Wilson Case will keep it safe whether it’s traveling with you or out of your hands. Call Wilson Case at 800-322-5493 or fill out our online form to get a free quote today.