Guitar Road Cases

Musical instruments can be extremely delicate and vulnerable to the rigors of travel, yet they need to arrive at their destination more or less ready to play, be it in a recording studio or at a live event. The last thing a musician should need to worry about is whether or not their guitar and associated equipment will arrive safely.

When you need to transport this kind of delicate equipment, order a custom guitar travel case from Wilson Case. As leaders in the custom manufacturing industry for 40 years, we have the technology and expertise you can trust. We have a long history of designing cases to hold up to all kinds of travel, including rough treatment from baggage handlers, while providing the ability to navigate busy event locations easily.

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Why Order a Custom Guitar Case from Us?

In the decades that Wilson Case has been in business, we’ve custom-designed cases for many types of event and audio equipment as well as many types of customers, including OEM, road warriors, and even rental companies. All of our cases are rated ATA-300, and we provide a limited lifetime warranty on every one that you order.

We thrive by continuing to come up with creative and innovative solutions for common and uncommon shipping challenges, and we stand by our belief that we can make just about any case our customers can imagine. If you need a guitar flight case with a slim profile that adds minimal weight, we’ll design one with our signature Wilson LT paneling. If you need a hard guitar case with a built-in space for other pieces of equipment, we can make one with foam inserts to hold everything carefully in place or with drawers for strings and picks. We work closely with every client to design the case that will overcome their shipping concerns while standing up to repeated travel and use at live events.

How We Make Custom Your Guitar Case

When we begin the process of designing your custom guitar road case, we’ll discuss the precise equipment and models of guitar that you need to transport or travel with as well as any particular challenges you think you might face. We’ll also discuss what materials and hardware will best serve your needs. At this point, we’ll request any design specifications you have for your equipment, especially if you have CAD files for them.

Our engineers will use those specifications to design your case in SolidWorks, our 3D CAD modeling program. This program lets us design your cases without ever having to handle your guitars in person, something that will not only save you time but allow you to continue using your instruments right up until the moment you’re ready to travel.

With your approval, we’ll start the manufacturing process. The file you approve is the one used by our engineers; it’s converted to CNC control language so we can cut all the materials on our in-house machines. This process means we’re able to cut both straight edges and curves with accuracy down to a thousandth of an inch.

Once our machines have cut all the materials, our skilled workers will assemble your case by hand using proven construction techniques. As soon as our team has completely assembled your order, we’ll ship the cases to you, ready to use.

Order a Custom Guitar Travel Case Today

Don’t put your livelihood and instruments at risk just because you need to travel. Order a protective guitar case from Wilson Case now and feel comfortable knowing that whether it’s traveling with you across the country or being shipped around the world, your guitar will arrive in great condition and ready to play. Call us at 800-322-5493 or use our online form to start your custom order with a free quote.