Keyboard Shipping Cases

When you’re a keyboardist traveling to your next gig with your band, you certainly don’t want to worry about your instrument getting broken in transit. Whether you have an expensive Yamaha or a throw around Casio, you need a professional keyboard carrying case to protect your apparatus. No matter if you’re flying, taking a road trip, or just need to pop your keyboard in the car for a demo, a piano keyboard case from Wilson Case can protect your assets.

At Wilson Case, we can design a custom keyboard case to the exact specifications of your keyboard, so that it fits perfectly. It won’t shake or fall out, as it will be perfectly fashioned for your instrument. Wilson Case is a leader in the customer manufactured case industry, so we have the experience, expertise, and technology to design a case that meets your needs.

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Why Order a Custom Keyboard or Synthesizer Case from us?

Wilson Case has been manufacturing shipping cases for more than 30 years. During those years, we’ve custom designed cases across a variety of industries and for many different clients. We can custom create any product and provide you with the customer satisfaction you require, complete with a limited lifetime warranty.

We’re a leader in this industry in our ability to develop new and creative solutions to any customer problems. No matter where your life takes you and your keyboard, we’ll create a case to protect it. If you need something light that’s easy to carry across a city, we can use our DuraLite material, or if you need something that can withstand more heavy duty applications, we can use our custom Wilson LT paneling. No matter your desires, we can custom design a keyboard road or flight case to suit your needs.

How Wilson Case Makes Your Custom Case

When you come to us to design your custom keyboard case, we will closely work together to determine what your needs are. What kind of protection you need for your keyboard, how heavy your case should be, etc. As a GSA contractor, we can provide MIL Spec 810 rated cases if needed.

Wilson Case has experience with custom cases, and we have a streamlined process to create your case in an efficient manner. We start by using a CAD render of your keyboard to create a 3D model in SolidWorks of the case we intend to create. This creates a case designed with precision and efficiency without having to ship in your piano or keyboard.

Once you approve the design, we can then fabricate your custom keyboard case. We hand-assemble each piece, matching the render you approve. Our standard timeline is 10-14 days, but we offer a quick ship option for 5 business days or less.

Order a Custom Keyboard Case Today

You can order a keyboard flight or road case from Wilson Case today and rest assured knowing that your keyboard will be protected wherever you’re going to play. Give us a call at 1-800-322-5493 or fill out this form to get started.