Mobile Training Shipping Cases

If your business or non-profit takes your educational presentations or training sessions on the road, you’ll need durable shipping cases to protect your demonstration gear in transit. Whether you need to transport plasma screens, bulky simulation equipment, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered with our lightweight but tough training cases. We can custom-manufacture a mobile education case for you in just two weeks, but if you need a case quickly, you can also browse our selection of stock cases to see if we already have a design that meets your needs. If you do find the right training case, you can place your order online for delivery in just one to two business days.

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Why Order a Mobile Case from Wilson Case?

Offering mobile training sessions for employees, customers, or clients around the country can be rewarding, but transporting the equipment you need for those sessions can be stressful. You don’t always know how your equipment is handled in transit, especially if it is thrown into the back of a truck or an airplane cargo bay with lots of other luggage. You may not be able to control all the variables involved in the shipping process, but you can make sure your equipment arrives intact by choosing shipping containers from Wilson Case.

We’ve been in the shipping case manufacturing business for over 40 years, and in that time we’ve built long-lasting education cases for customers in a wide range of fields, including healthcare, aerospace, tech, marketing, and military. Our cases have a reputation for resolving common challenges associated with shipping, loading, and unloading fragile and expensive equipment. Try one of our stock cases and see for yourself—we stand by the quality of our shipping containers with a limited lifetime warranty.

Features of Our Stock Cases

We don’t just keep one cookie-cutter training case in stock, and the design and features will vary from case to case. While our inventory is always changing, some of the features that may be available with our cases include:

  • Our lightweight, durable Wilson LT reinforced tri-laminate panels
  • Slotted foam interior for laptops, tablets, computers, and digital displays
  • Heavy-duty casters with or without brakes
  • RamGuard metal plates to protect against fork lift damage
  • Shockmount or rackmount configuration
  • Cabinet configuration
  • TagAlong configuration with wheels and pull-out handle
  • Organizational tray or drawer system
  • Table legs
  • Fold-out workstations
  • Mechanical lifts
  • Ramps

If you have questions about any of the features on our stock education cases, please contact us. We pride ourselves on our customer service and would be happy to tell you more about our products.

Order a Your Case Solution from Wilson Case Online Today

Our stock training cases incorporate the same high-quality materials and deliver the same protection as our custom cases, at a competitive price and with a fast delivery time. If you’ve already found a case that will work with your equipment, place your order online now. If you have questions about any of the stock cases in our online store, or if you want to know more about our custom case options, call us at 800-322-5493.