Roland Gear Road Cases

If you’ve purchased professional A/V equipment from Roland Systems Group, you’ll no doubt want to protect your investment whenever you need to travel with your gear. Wilson Case designs shipping containers specifically for popular Roland products, including video mixers, mixing consoles, and digital snakes. Whether you need to transport Roland equipment for live music events, recording sessions, live broadcasts, theatre productions, or any other occasion, order a Roland flight case from us. When you select a Roland travel case that has been custom designed based on the dimensions of your equipment, you can be sure that your gear will arrive at its destination free of damage. All of our cases are designed to be easy to safely load, ship, unload and repeat.

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Why Choose Wilson Case?

We’ve been manufacturing shipping containers for over 30 years, and with our decades of experience, we’re able to build hard cases to protect even the most delicate equipment in transit. We don’t cut any corners when it comes to choosing materials or manufacturing our Roland cases; we know these cases will need to stand up to heavy wear and tear, so we use only proven construction techniques and the most durable materials. We cut the materials and hand-build our cases in-house rather than outsourcing the labor, which allows us to have full control over the final product.

Our Roland hard cases are designed with custom interior foam to protect delicate equipment and hinged lids to make it easy to access your Roland gear. These cases also come with recessed butterfly twist latches, handles with rubber grips, and our SecureLatch, which works with any TSA combo lock. Case panels are made with Wilson LT, our signature polypropylene material that is lightweight but incredibly durable.

Because we are committed to manufacturing high-quality shipping cases, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all our products. This means that if you receive a case that has any material or workmanship defects, we’ll pay the entire cost to ship it back, repair it, and return it to you.

Examples of Our Standard Cases:

We have several styles of Roland cases designed to hold some of the most popular professional A/V products. Our stock Roland cases include:

  • Shipping Case for the Roland M-300 Mixing Console
  • Shipping Case for the Roland M-380 V-Mixer
  • Shipping Case for the Roland M-400 V-Mixer
  • Dual Shipping Case for the Roland S-1608 and S-0816 Digital Snake
  • Shipping Case for the Roland V-1600HD

Browse our online catalog to learn more about each of these products, and feel free to contact us with any questions.

Protect Your A/V Gear: Order Your Case Today

You can’t always control how your Roland equipment is handled in transit, but you can order a sturdy Roland flight case to ensure your equipment arrives at its destination in the same condition it left you. A Roland carrying case from Wilson Case is designed to stand up to heavy use and rough handling, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind and use it every time you travel with your gear. Place your order online now, or call us at 800-322-5493 to learn more about our shipping cases.