Athletic Equipment Cases - Stock

Teams that play hard go far… literally! Storing gear for sports teams can be complicated enough, but taking everything you might potentially need on the field or on the ice out onto the road can be worse. As a leader in the custom shipping industry for 40 years, we understand the sort of needs you face and the durability you and your team need to get there and back. Wilson Case specializes in designing custom athletic cases and all of our cases are built to ATA-300 Category 1 standards with the knowledge, creativity, and innovation that will meet any packaging challenge — that means they’ll hold up for at least 100 common carrier trips (i.e., land, sea, air). Whether you need a sports medicine case that can literally take the weight of your players or an equipment case that can get anywhere you need it with ease, Wilson Case can provide custom athletic cases to meet all of your needs. For any traveling team we design all of our cases to be simple to safely load, ship, unload and repeat.

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