#40-1237 Shipping Case for Atmospheric Monitoring Module

Custom shipping case for a module to measure atmospheric conditions in outer space.
This case travels from one aerospace manufacturing facility to another and eventually lands at Cape Canaveral.  It needed to accept an 1800# payload, have lifting attachment points, shock dampening features, a self closing pneumatic purge valve system and have multiple access points.  It also needed to endure multiple trips, forklift hits and have easy mobility loaded.


Wilson Case is trusted by the Aerospace industry to ship aircraft, satellite, antennas, communications, parts and more from facility to facility.  These come in every size from the smallest shipping case we can make to ones that are room sized, and everything in between.  Our design engineers make it all possible.  They work with your engineers, listen to your strict requirements and deliver above and beyond.  We use solid modeling software to design and build with precision.  We offer 3D virtual prototypes and we have a physical prototype program when needed.

We make it simple to safely load, ship, unload, repeat.


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