Reasons to Order TruckPak Shipping Cases

Trucks play a massive role in moving high volumes of gear and equipment across the country. However, transporting anything in a truck bed poses many challenges. Without boxes, items may slide around, spill, or get damaged. Even with some kind of container, tools and equipment can quickly get lost in “dump boxes” due to a lack of organizational compartments. Sometimes, the cargo box doesn’t even fit well in the truck bed. If only there were a type of case that organized equipment and fit well in every truck.

As it turns out, there is. Wilson Case sells both custom and stock TruckPak shipping cases that are specifically designed for trucks. Here are seven reasons to buy TruckPak shipping cases.

1. Compatibility With Truck Beds

With TruckPak, truck bed dimensions are of no concern. TruckPak road cases fit most 90-inch truck beds with ease. For anyone who owns or uses a truck for hauling cargo, these shipping cases are ideal.

2. Organize and Maximize Space

The TruckPak’s main function is to organize its contents. Complete with dividers, foam inserts, and other decluttering features, TruckPak shipping cases ensure that items do not slide around in the back of a truck. They are also stackable and can fit vertically or horizontally—perfect for people trying to make the most out of their truck space.

3. Easy to Clean

Due to its laminated interior, a TruckPak shipping case is as easy to clean inside as it is outside, eliminating the need to spend hours scrubbing a ridged surface. All you need to do is wipe it down or spray it with water.

4. Easy to Load

TruckPak road cases are extremely easy to load into or unload from a truck bed. With handles and a streamlined, square design, TruckPaks can be lifted by hand or by forklift. Built-in wheels also increase their mobility.

5. Strength and Durability

TruckPak shipping cases are made with strong, riveted metals, which are more reliable than welded metal. Most containers also come with corner protectors for shock absorption. For further protection, you can add a RamGuard to safeguard against possible forklift damage.

6. Theft Prevention

People steal from truck beds more commonly than you think—especially if the items aren’t in a secured case. Fortunately, you can customize your TruckPak with a padlock to make it extra secure. If it works for Texas Homeland Security, it will work for anyone.

7. Highly Customizable

The experts at Wilson Case have years of experience in manufacturing custom TruckPak shipping cases. Add drawers, trays, and tilt-bins for displays, or request foam inserts and dividers for extra protection and organization. You can customize the lid, wheels, and handles and add a fold-out work surface or power inlet. There is no end to what you can customize on a TruckPak road case.

Buy TruckPak Shipping Cases Today

Wilson Case makes cases for any industry you can imagine, including media, security, construction, and more. If there’s a chance you might need a durable case for transporting cargo by land, TruckPak shipping cases will meet all your requirements.