Reasons to Use Custom Rack Mounts

Custom Rack Mounts from Wilson Case

A custom rack case is designed to keep expensive electronic equipment from being damaged in transit. Often custom rack cases have specific compartments built into them in order to store particular parts of an electronic product. Custom rack mount cases are typically used to ship items such as computers, stereos, or products with large screens. Learn more about some of the reasons why custom rack mounts are the best choice for your delicate electronic equipment.

Separate Individual Components

The compartments in custom rack cases help to keep various products separate from each other. For example, if you are shipping an electronic product with many different parts that need to be assembled upon arrival, using a custom rack case is helpful for preventing them from being thrown around or jostled during shipment.

Some of the racks in these cases are designed like little shelves or drawers. If you are shipping speakers, for instance, you will need to ship speaker accessories along with them, which makes these racks useful. Having different compartments is helpful because you can neatly sort the different parts of the product, making it easy to organize the elements once they arrive.

Protection for Unique Items

Some racks are built with certain angling to fit the shipping needs of a specific product. The custom Allen & Heath rack case, for example, is built with a slanted top interior to fit its uniquely shaped contents, and the custom Shockmount rack case is built with extra dense interior foam for superb shock absorption.

Because items in a custom rack case are usually individually packed, they are especially safe against shock from movement. Custom foam inserts provide extra cushioning. Wilson Case has even designed cases with a cooling fan on the back and a vent on the front to protect products that need ventilation during shipment.


A lot of custom rack cases have more than one area that can be opened. The custom Yamaha mixer rack case has a removable top, as well as removable front and back walls. This makes handling the product much easier for customers. The same is true of the custom 24RU rack case—both the front and back walls are removable, and one of the walls even has extendable legs, turning it into a small table.

Extra Storage

Rather than having to pack everything into one large shipping case, using cases with built-in custom racks makes for better storage opportunities. With the extra storage found in rack mounts, you can fit more and not worry about different items in the shipment getting mixed up or tangled. The various items that make up a bigger product can arrive to the customer in one neat, large package.

If custom rack mounts sound like the best solution for your delicate electronic items, contact Wilson Case. We’ll make a rack case guaranteed to get your specific cargo where it needs to go.