Setting Up a Mobile Field Office

There are a number of different industries that may utilize a mobile field office. Everything from government to construction, education, and corporate commercial sites may require a mobile field office trailer or other temporary setups to run business.

In addition to finding the location, you need to outfit your site with the furniture, technology, and electronics necessary to create a productive work environment. Let’s discuss what that mobile field office setup might look like, check off some of the boxes of things you’ll need, and find solutions for getting everything there safely.

Trailer or Temporary Shelter

Whether it’s a portable trailer or a permanent structure you’re renting for the duration of your mobile stay, it’s important to lock down your venue and make sure it has the space necessary to house employees, contractors, and other guests before you do anything else.


Not all temporary shelters provide in-house plumbing. If this is the case with your own shelter, seek out portable plumbing or other solutions so everyone has somewhere to use the bathroom comfortably.

Waste Management

Just as plumbing isn’t a given at your mobile site, waste management is also not guaranteed. Set up waste management equipment and hauling services with the city or a private company to ensure that you’re meeting standards and keeping the area clean.

Technology and Electronics

Everything from desktops, laptops, TV setups, A/V equipment, and Internet access may be necessary to get your mobile field office up and running. More importantly, getting that equipment to your destination safely is a huge task.

If you pack equipment loosely or fail to put it in proper packaging, you risk damaging the technology you need at your construction field office or other venue. Wilson Case works directly with IT managers and electronics manufacturers to create custom shipping cases that can perfectly fit all sorts, sizes, and brands of computer equipment.

Training Materials

Much like your electronic needs, getting custom training furniture, equipment, and materials to your mobile field office safely is something we can do. Everything from ramps to classroom furniture to containers and drawers can be packed in a custom case and moved to you.

Whether you’re sourcing office trailers for rent or moving equipment to another type of mobile field office that is already built for you, mobile offices allow companies the flexibility of breaking ground on projects in new areas and the freedom to move around as needed. Establishing a mobile field office is your job, but getting everything there in one piece is ours. Contact Wilson Case today to receive a quote or discuss your custom case solutions needed for any sort of office or site equipment.