Shipments That Require Refrigeration

Right now, trucks, trains, and planes are carrying every kind of cargo all over the world. Certain kinds of cargo must be kept at a specific temperature or it won’t survive the trip. Some of these items can go into a refrigerated truck to make journey, but others need customized, refrigerated shipping cases.

There are many types of refrigerated cargo. Here are five common classes of refrigerated items:

Cryogenic Materials

Many industrial and medical procedures depend on super cold materials like liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and dry ice. If these materials get warm, they’ll be ruined. Too much heat could even lead to an explosive situation.


Refrigerated food stays fresh for longer. Whether you’re transporting meats, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, or dairy, they have to stay cold, or either the quality will suffer or the food will spoil.

Live Plants and Animals

Shipping live plants and animals is common. Certain plants and animals need to stay within a certain temperature range to stay healthy.


Of all the cargo that it’s important to keep cool in transit, medicine may be the most important. Many medicines, including vaccines, must stay cold during transport—if they don’t, people could get sick or even lose their lives.

Scientific Equipment

Some of the equipment that scientists use for astronomy, biology, medical research, and other purposes needs to stay cold to be functional. If it doesn’t, it could cost thousands or even millions of dollars in lost time and resources.

What’s So Special About Refrigerated Cases?

We build our temperature-controlled cases to strict specifications. They depend on sturdy material and layers of insulation to make them strong and durable. A properly calibrated and operating refrigerated case can keep its contents at a safe, controlled temperature for hours, no matter what the temperature is outside.

If your refrigerated cargo gets warm during transit, the results could be catastrophic. Don’t take a chance with your valuable, temperature-sensitive cargo. Contact Wilson Case right now to get a free quote.