Shipping Case Foam Configurations

When it comes to transporting goods, products, or equipment, half the battle is simply finding the proper way to move and ship them. Wilson Case specializes in designing custom shipping cases with different foam configurations so you can have shipping solutions that are configured to fit your exact products. In fact, custom cases make up 85% of our business.

We’ll discuss a few of our dozens of different custom foam configurations for shipping cases below. If you’re looking for something customized, or if the options below don’t meet your needs, contact Wilson Case to design your perfect cases and foam inserts.  We will provide a 3D virtual prototype for you too!

Empty Shell

These cases do not come with any foam lining. If your products or equipment are not fragile, or if they are already soft themselves, you may not require foam inserts for shipping cases.


In a foam-lined case, every side of the case is lined with foam. The middle is open for you to pack in larger products or pieces of equipment tightly. We can adjust the foam thickness based on how fragile the item may be and take size into account to create custom foam inserts for your shipping cases.


Layering foam pieces at 1/2″, 1″, or 2″ of thickness allows you to customize your case’s interior for anything you’re shipping yourself. There are a few different types of foam, too, depending on what it is you’re transporting.

You can request our anti-static pink foam, which is best for electronic products, our polyester foam for more sensitive and delicate items, or our more rigid polyethylene foam, which is best suited for holding heavy multipurpose items.

Foam-Lined and Foam-Filled

For transporting extra-sensitive or fragile items, you may want to consider both lining and filling your custom shipping case with foam. Much like the foam-filled option, we offer 1/2″, 1″, and 2″ foam layers that you can customize to fit your specific needs.

Slotted Foam

These foam inserts for shipping cases include thin rows for easily and safely transporting slim items like laptops, picture frames, panels, books, and more. Wilson Case can also customize how wide the slots are in order to perfectly situate your products. These steel die-cut interiors are great for high-quantity requirements.

Custom Foam

Of course, we can create any combination of foam types, thickness, and cuts if you’re moving many different kinds of products. Partitions can also come in handy if you’re separating a case’s content by color, size, or product type. Our custom foam is engineered to provide the most protection and fit any size shipping case. Custom orders may take a bit longer, so we also have stock shipping cases that are ready to ship in just one or two business days. We can coordinate the types of foam configurations needed for those shipping cases quickly too, so long as they do not require custom sizing. Send us a quote now or check out our online shop to find your next shipping case and foam insert pairings.