Shipping Equipment for Live Events

The coronavirus pandemic has kept the whole world indoors for much of the last year, halting live events and large gatherings in the process. Luckily, COVID vaccines are becoming more widely available globally, so live events will likely resume later this year and into early 2022.

With so many people staying home in recent months, folks will be eager to gather in groups for any number of purposes. Preparing everything ahead of time is important, but it’s equally essential to prepare for shipping equipment for those live events so everything arrives safely.

Let’s discuss what live event shipping equipment looks like and the types of products you’ll need to ship or transport to host your event successfully.

Determine the Equipment You Need

Every event is different and will require its own unique set of equipment, depending on what the purpose of the event is and where it’s being hosted. However, there are some common types of equipment that most events will require.

Audio/Visual (A/V) Equipment

If you plan on playing music, projecting images or videos, emceeing, or speaking, you’ll need to add A/V equipment to your list to make sure everything will be seen and heard. This may include:

  • Wired microphones with stands or wireless mics
  • A portable sound system (if the venue does not already provide one)
  • Video cameras to capture live or pre-shot footage
  • Screens for broadcasting or projecting footage
  • Laptop(s) or desktop(s) to control audio and visual cues
  • Podiums or desks to mount equipment on

Lighting Equipment

If your venue does not already have ample lighting, you may be shipping lighting solutions with your entertainment and special event equipment. Outdoor events or other gatherings could require mood lighting, additional safety lighting, or spot lighting on a particular person, item, or area. Followspot lights, LED lights, light fixtures that can move, and other types like string lights can all be purchased to supplement the existing lighting or create new setups.

Computers and Tech

Nowadays, almost everything notable at an event depends on a computer. You can control A/V and lighting with a laptop, and you can also send messages to your guests and set up live streaming capabilities on social media. Shipping laptops and computers along with the rest of the equipment they’ll be controlling is important so nothing goes missing.

Swag and Merchandise

What’s an event without some take-home swag? Everything from T-shirts to coozies to tote bags can be created for your guests and event staff. Getting the right shipping equipment for your live event merchandise will help all of your swag be transported safely, especially if you’re setting up multiple events in different locations.

Order Live Event Shipping Equipment From Wilson Case

No matter what your event is or where it’s taking place, Wilson Case will help you make sure all your critical gear arrives safely. We offer stock entertainment and event shipping equipment as well as custom shipping solutions guaranteed to get any item where it needs to be, no matter how sensitive or unusually shaped it is. With Wilson Case on your side, your next event is sure to go off without a hitch.