Solutions for Carrying Sports Equipment

68-1025 Athletic Equipment Case

Many of us enjoy watching sports, but have you ever thought about what it takes to get all the equipment the average football, baseball, or basketball team needs from one venue to another? Traveling with sports equipment is a unique challenge for several reasons:

  • Timeliness
    A football team might play in a different stadium every week. A professional basketball team could play in cities across the country on back-to-back nights. It’s imperative that all the equipment a team may need, including uniforms, balls, pads and other gear, is ready and waiting when the team arrives.
  • Security
    Much of the equipment a sports team carries is valuable. There are many collectors who would pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a uniform, which may motivate some people to try getting their hands on memorabilia by any means necessary. Shipping sports equipment may require extra security.
  • Unusual Items
    Football pads are large, awkwardly shaped, and heavy. A basketball is filled with air and may not react well to the low pressure in an aircraft cargo hold. All the tape, tools, and supplies the team trainer needs must be stored securely but easily accessible. That’s where sports equipment packaging comes in.

Sports teams rely on their equipment managers to have everything they need ready to go, no matter where or when a game is happening. Equipment managers rely on specialized sports equipment transport cases to get the job done. These cases must be durable and secure while still being easy to carry on any mode of travel.

Wilson Case has the best selection of standard and customized cases and devices for carrying sports equipment. Whether you’re in charge of a Little League team or a Super Bowl champion NFL team, we have what you need to do your job. We can help you move your equipment from the locker room to the sidelines or to the other side of the world. No matter what you’re transporting and where you’re headed, you can be confident that the gear your team depends on will arrive in perfect shape, ready to go. You can also be confident that your cases will last, season in and season out.

If you work in sports, you understand the challenges of traveling with sports equipment. Your job will be a little easier when you have Wilson Case on your side. Call us today to discuss your needs with one of our specialists.