Shipping Case designed for Critical Space Mission

Wilson case aerospace shipping case 40-1041xt_2

Sometimes our shipping case pros get to be a part of making history! Designing a shipping case to protect NASA’s delicate, OSIRIS-REx Asteroid sample collection capsule for a critical space mission was one of these moments.

Our team of design engineers love a challenge, this is where they thrive! They worked with our customer to meet their very specific parameters and requirements. The ultimate goal was protecting the delicate capsule during transit, with the right amount of foam, contoured to the capsule's footprint, engineered with the right foam consistency for a precise fit and maximum protection. The case needed to allow for access to the capsule for easy removal from the case and the case needed to be mobile. The pros at Wilson Case delivered.


Learning about the mission and it's purpose has made this assignment even more rewarding. The space mission is in full swing and has been fun for our team to watch the mission updates. You can learn about the space mission here. The sample collection is set to arrive back to earth in 2021.

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