Keeping Your Drone Safe While Traveling

Drones are expensive, and the last thing you want to do is invest in a high-quality drone only to have it damaged during shipment. Since drones are often used outdoors and in various locations, they are likely to spend a reasonable amount of time in transit from one place to another. Without a reliable drone case, you’re putting your machine at risk every time you travel.

Wilson Case makes custom drone shipping and carrying cases that can accommodate any size or shape of drone you might own. It’s important to us that our customers keep their products safe, and that’s why we specialize in making custom cases for drones that will protect them from harm in the car, on a truck, or on a plane.

Protection From Shaking or Jostling

Drones are made of many small, delicate pieces. During shipment, it’s possible that logistics workers may not handle your cargo carefully enough, or that your drone case will bounce around while the vehicle or vessel it’s on is moving. With our custom foam inserts, these issues will no longer be a concern. Once we know the shape and measurements of your drone, we can create a foam insert that fits it perfectly. With a custom foam insert for your drone case, your drone will stay securely in place as it travels from one destination to another.

Protection From Water

Since drones are made of sensitive wires and metal materials, they can malfunction if they come in contact with any liquid. Drones in transit might be subject to rainwater if the weather is bad or seawater if they’re being shipped on a boat. Wilson Case can make waterproof drone cases specifically designed to protect your machine from water damage.

Protection From Outside Elements

While in transit, it’s possible that drones will come into contact with harsh weather conditions like sleet and hail or other outside elements such as dust or sand. Since drones are such intricate mechanisms, even a tiny bit of dust can be harmful to their functionality. Luckily, Wilson Case’s drone carrying cases have exteriors made from hard, durable materials that can deflect hail and other hazards. Since every case closes with an airtight seal, there’s no chance of small contaminants like sand infiltrating and harming the drone inside.

Order Custom Drone Cases From Wilson Case

Whether you’re worried about shock during movement, water damage, harsh weather conditions, or small, natural contaminants, a quality drone case will put all your fears to rest. Wilson Case is a respected name in the drone shipping industry, and we take special care and attention when designing custom drone cases that will fit your drone precisely. Check out our options today to get started on finding the best case for your drone.