Why Custom Foam Inserts Are Crucial

The last thing you want when shipping an item is for it to arrive at its destination damaged. It’s very important to use the right shipping case for each type of cargo, and if you’re working with especially sensitive, expensive, or unusually shaped equipment, that likely means having a case custom-made. A tough, durable exterior is half the battle, but you’ll also need custom foam inserts to protect your shipments from the inside.

Wilson Case specializes in creating both custom cases and the foam inserts that go inside them. We can sculpt inserts for any shape and size right down to a fraction of an inch, using high-quality foam guaranteed to help your equipment survive the trip.

What Are Foam Inserts For?

In the process of transit, a package is bound to be jostled or even dropped, risking damage to its contents, particularly if they’re fragile or made of multiple components. Surrounding shipped items with foam will protect them by decreasing the harmful effects of movement during the shipment process and by absorbing shock. Items that ship without a custom-fit foam insert to hold them in place are at more risk of suffering from bumps and scrapes.

Using custom foam inserts is also important if you are shipping multiple items in one case. If you have several pieces of equipment in one shipping container, they may knock against each other or become tangled if each item doesn’t have its own place to nestle in within the foam mold.

Our Custom Foam Insert Design Process
Every foam insert order we receive is designed by a team of engineers using solid modeling technology and computer controlled routing tools that can craft any shape you can imagine with maximum precision. We cut into the foam with a high-pressure water jet system that leaves edges completely smooth.

Wilson Case is dedicated to making sure your items are packaged as securely as possible inside and out. Contact us to order the custom case with foam inserts you need to get your cargo to its destination safely.