Why You Need a Pull-Behind Shipping Case

Pull-behind Shipping Case

We call our pull-behind shipping cases TagAlong cases. These shipping cases are versatile, reliable, easily mobile, and durable. They make it possible to transport all your gear effortlessly by allowing you to pull the case behind you.  A great TagAlong case can be a lifesaver in many situations, helping to protect a variety of items in transit or while traveling. When doing everything from sending valuable equipment across the country to hauling around your gear at a trade show, pull-behind travel cases will keep your items safe while mitigating the risk of damage on the go.

Thanks to their retractable handles, stable wheels, and heavy-duty casters, pull-behind shipping cases are great for navigating busy spaces. The smooth-rolling wheels are sensibly placed on the outside edges to provide stability, so you can transport your gear to a booth at a local trade show, maneuver it through an outdoor venue for a presentation, or zigzag through a crowded airport with ease. The exterior is secured with latches that won’t pop open during transit, and the interior is lined with shock-absorbing foam that will protect your items.

If you won’t be carrying your equipment personally, you can still expect TagAlong shipping containers to provide the same standard of security necessary to make sure your valuables are safe during every leg of the shipping process. Whether your belongings are carried in an airplane, on a ship, or in a truck (or even all three), you can count on TagAlong shipping cases to withstand weather and jostling.

Increased Demand for TagAlong Shipping Cases

As more companies are signing off on remote work, transporting valuable technology has become more and more commonplace. Here’s a perfect example of when a TagAlong travel case could save the day: laptops, monitors, hard drives, and more can all be reliably transported to remote teams, making the transition from in-office operations to working from home seamless for entire departments and preventing any delays in production. On top of that, these cases can be customized to fit your needs specifically. Equipment and supplies come in different shapes and sizes and with different shipping requirements, so we can build a custom TagAlong case to any specifications necessary to get your things from A to B.

Traveling across the country with gear always presents certain challenges, but many of them can be solved with TagAlong shipping cases. From providing maneuverability within tight spaces like an airport to keeping items safe while in transit, you’ll feel better knowing that shock-absorbing foam and a durable container are preventing your computers, consoles, monitors, and more from being damaged. Furthermore, TagAlong rolling cases meet the checked baggage requirements of most airlines, giving you one less thing to worry about as you breeze through security and onto your flight. Removable trays and adjustable dividers provide flexibility when storing everything from A/V equipment to athletic training gear.

The next time you’re on the move or shipping your valuable equipment, a TagAlong case could make all the difference.